3 Reasons to Attend the Final Psychedelic Capital of 2020: A Year in Review for the Psychedelic Renaissance

While the global Coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought forth unprecedented challenges this year, 2020 has been an equally unprecedented year for the psychedelic renaissance. Between massive market growth for the growing list of publicly traded psychedelic stocks to monumental legislative wins, the psychedelic medicine movement is making historic progress. Here are three big reasons you won’t want to miss the final edition of Psychedelic Capital, the world’s premiere psychedelic due diligence conference, for the year 2020. 

Reason #1: Monumental Legislative Victories Spell Promise for Future of Psychedelics

Psychedelics have not only been winning big in capital markets, but legislatively as well. In 2020 alone, the world witnessed sweeping drug policy reform, particularly with respect to psychedelic medicine. From Measure 109 passing in Oregon, which allows for legal psilocybin therapy centers in the state, to Therapsil’s novel advocacy efforts in helping both palliative and non-palliative patients gain access to psilocybin therapy, it is clear the psychedelic renaissance is here to stay. There’s no better time to get involved in the dynamic psychedelic investment landscape than right now. Grab your free ticket to Psychedelic Capital today to get the latest updates and deepest insights from leading experts at the frontlines of drug policy reform.

psychedelic capital investment series conference

Reason #2: Spotlighting Massive 2020 Market Growth for Psychedelic Companies   

This month’s conference will spotlight the massive market growth psychedelic companies have witnessed in the year 2020. The mammoth raises witnessed by firms like MindMed (MMED), ATAI Life Sciences (ATAI) and Cybin Corp (CYBN) clearly demonstrate both investors and the world at large are ready to embrace psychedelic medicine. The enormous growth firms like Compass Pathways (CMPS) and MindMed have observed alone is incredibly promising for the future of psychedelics. As psychedelics continue to revolutionize the mental health and investment landscapes, the need for deep financial insights into the space is greater than ever before. Get your tickets to Psychedelic Capital today to become a better educated psychedelic investor and take full advantage of the promise that is psychedelic medicine.  

psychedelic capital investment series conference

Reason #3: November’s Psychedelic Capital Features Another All-Star List of Dignitaries 

As always, Microdose’s premier monthly psychedelic due diligence event convenes the leading experts and thought leaders in the field of psychedelic medicine. November’s event features Sam Chapman, the campaign manager for the Yes on Measure 109 Campaign in Oregon, Robin Arnott, CEO of Andromeda Entertainment, the dynamic advocate, author and politician, Dana Larsen, and Joël Brierre, Founder of Kaivalya Kollectiv. Sponsors for this event include MNP, the leading national accounting, tax and business consulting firm in Canada. Other notable speakers include Mitchell Ossak, CEO of Quanta, Warren Gumpel, Co-Founder and CEO of KetaMD, Zappy Zapolin, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of KetaMD, Maruf Raza, National Director of MNP and Jameson Berkow, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Weekly Chronicle.

psychedelic capital investment series conference

Psychedelic Capital: Looking Back and Moving Ahead 

This sixth and final installment of the Psychedelic Capital investment series is sure to offer deep insights into the profound dynamicity of the modern psychedelic renaissance. This year’s psychedelic investment conference circuit was made possible by our sponsors, including Field Trip Health, Havn Life, Pure Extracts, MagicMed Industries, The Wake Network, Numinus, Universal Ibogaine and more. As the dynamic investment landscape for psychedelic medicine continues to evolve, reflecting on these victories in 2020 is critical to adequately forecasting what is yet to come. Be sure to gain sound psychedelic insights from our prolific lineup of dignified speakers by grabbing your free ticket to the event today.  

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