This blog explores Third Wave’s official Microdosing Course 2.0, a comprehensive training program exploring all things microdosing. If you’re ready to embark on your guided microdosing journey, click here to sign up for the course today!

Third Wave microdosing course

The practice of microdosing–the ingestion of sub-perceptual doses of psychedelic compounds–is surging in popularity among modern mainstream society. There is a greater need now more than ever before to educate the world about this powerful practice and provide deep insights into the science and research behind it. 

Microdosing is said to open up a window of plasticity in the brain. As such, many people are finding success in aligning their microdosing protocols with the learning of new languages, expansion of their business or career or for digging deeper within themselves to gain a better understanding of who they are.

microdosing benefits neuroplasticity new habits

Enhanced neural connectivity from microdosing leads to several consistent and repeatable benefits, including:

  • Improved Mood – Peacefulness, overall well-being, calmness, happiness.
  • Improved Focus – Ability to concentrate and enhanced self-awareness.
  • Creativity – Being more open, enhanced curiosity, ability to shift perspectives, and divergent thinking.
  • Self-Efficacy – Ambition, self-motivation, self-confidence, and a sense of agency.
  • Improved Energy – Mental stimulation, wakefulness, and alertness.
  • Social Benefits – Empathy, a greater sense of connection, and more extroversion.
  • Cognitive Benefits – Mental clarity, better memory recall, and an improvement in problem-solving ability.
  • Reduced Anxiety – Reduction in both general and social anxiety.
  • Physiological Enhancement – Enhanced visual acuity, cardio endurance, reduction of migraines , and higher quality of sleep.

Click here to sign up for Third Wave’s Official Microdosing Course 2.0!

microdosing benefits neuroplasticity new habits

Amidst this exciting revival of psychedelics, Third Wave’s Microdosing Course serves as a beacon of light on your microdosing journey. This comprehensive, evidence-based guide not only explores the proper practic of microdosing, but the rich history behind the concept as well. 

Here are just some of the fascinating modules featured in this training

  • Substances: Psilocybin mushrooms vs. LSD.
  • Sourcing: How to safely and often legally obtain psychedelics.
  • Dosing: How to prepare psychedelics into small, or micro, doses.
  • Health.
  • Safety.
  • Legal landscape.
microdosing benefits neuroplasticity new habits

Beyond covering these important high-level topics, Third Wave’s course explores many nuances in the practice of microdosing as well. It contains deep insights, such as suggesting psilocybin over LSD for anxiety prone people, allowing the user to custom tailor their microdosing experience for their unique personality and physiology. 


Another critical factor to the psychedelic experience that has particularly important implications on the practice of microdosing is the power of setting an intention. Third Waves comprehensive workbook is replete with opportunities to gain deep insights into oneself through personal evaluations and proper intention setting. 


Along with powerful intention setting techniques, complementary practices, such as focusing on compassion and communication with your partner, spending more time in nature, and working on creative projects, are also a major focus of this course. 

microdosing focus neuroplasticity benefits therapy course third wave

Third Wave is focused not only on enhancing your user experience, but your life experience. Designed with laser focus on long term improvement, this comprehensive course empowers you with the knowledge and tools to achieve optimal success from a seasoned source.

So learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about microdosing and more by signing up for Third Waves comprehensive Microdose course.

Click here to sign up for Third Wave’s Official Microdosing Course 2.0!