Microdose is pleased to announce New Wave Holdings Corp. will be sponsoring the next phase of our exciting documentary, “The World on Drugs”. 


The emerging psychedelic medicine industry has profound implications on reshaping global drug policy and healing from the damage caused by the war on drugs. Scientific research and the current legal framework surrounding drugs are diametrically opposed, severely limiting personal freedoms and fundamental human rights in the pursuit of better mental healthcare and a more prosperous world. We have the opportunity to reconcile science and policy with an inclusive, evidence-based commentary that is produced and broadcasted in real time. Follow the Microdose team on an international journey as we explore how we can heal together. 


An International Approach: Mexico 


Mexico plays a unique role in our story as one of the most deeply affected nations by the war on drugs. Also, home to an increasing diversity of entheogenic plant medicines, Mexico is in the unique position to radically transform drug policy and pave a brighter, happier future for the world at large.  This documentary will feature several key players and thought leaders on the ground who are boldly pioneering this movement. 


The World on Drugs Mexico We Can Heal


Pepe Rivera – Plantón 420 –Capturing Cannabis Protests Outside Mexican Senate


Cannabis has played a fundamental role shaping global drug policy since the beginning-especially in Mexico. Our team joins cannabis activist, Pepe Rivera, in a stunning display of public protest where he and his crew have planted 420 cannabis plants on the steps of the Mexican Senate. Join us as we explore the demands of these frontline activists in the fight to reform cannabis legislation at this historic site–the first not to be labeled “clandestine” by the government.   

Pepe Rivera Planton 420 war on drugs we can heal


Asha & Rocky – Dream House Ibogaine Clinic –Exploring Radical Hope in Addiction Treatment 

Drug addiction has evolved into a public health crisis of epic proportions. The fallout from the opioid epidemic highlights the need for better long-term strategies to tackle this crisis worldwide. Lately, significant public attention has been drawn to an indigenous African shrub called Ibogaine that is revolutionizing addiction treatment. Our team visited Ibogaine facilitators Rocky & Asha at Dream House in San Miguel de Allende to learn about how they are using this powerful plant to offer new healing alternatives. Join us as we explore Rocky’s powerful story of personal transformation and recovery using Ibogaine to overcome a harrowing drug addiction. Learn more about how this experience inspired him and his partner Asha to help others in their journey towards healing.


Asha Rocky DreamHouse Ibogaine Clinic

Pioneer Psilocybin Activist Pier G. Coppe Hernandez & Mexican Psilocybin Society CoFounder Eros Quintero 

Eros Quintera Mexican Psilocybin association

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, has garnered overwhelming public support in recent years for its ability to revolutionize mental healthcare. Promising research validating the clinical potential of psilocybin is in stark contrast with current drug policy–stymying progress and preventing access to this groundbreaking treatment. Join us as we interview pioneer psilocybin activist Pier G. Coppe Hernández and biologist Eros Quintero, cofounder of the Mexican Psilocybin Society, about how they are working to reform psilocybin legislation in Mexico. Our deep dive explores the intersection of compelling clinical research and strategic litigation to reformulate drug policy and expand access to psilocybin for Mexico and the world at large. 


Joël Brierre –The Entheogenic Yogi –Deep Insights Into Death, Rebirth & 5-MeO-DMT

Joel Brierre Mountaintop Shot 5-MeO-DMT

The death of old ideas and the birthing of new ones is a core element of the discussion surrounding psychedelic medicine. 5-MeO-DMT, the psychoactive secretion from the bufo alvarius toad, is considered one of the most powerful psychedelic drugs on earth and is the focus of Joël Brierre‘s work. Don’t miss this powerful sunrise interview exploring how Joël synthesizes ancient Eastern philosophies with contemporary Western practices in the psychospiritual application of this powerful medicine. We examine how Joël utilizes 5-MeO-DMT to help his clients relinquish limiting beliefs and unlock their true potential. 

Joel Brierre 5-MeO-DMT

Armando Loizaga –Sacred Plant, Substance Abuse & Drug Policy Expert

Armando UN Global Drug Policy

The multidisciplinary investigation of the therapeutic potential of sacred plant medicines, such as Peyote, is a fundamental element in the drug policy debate. Sacred plant, substance abuse and drug policy expert, Armando Loizaga, shares his dedicated efforts in transforming drug policy at the global level, including his work with the United Nations. In this interview, Armando explores how these psychedelic plant medicines have become “collateral victims” in the war on drugs in a riveting on-site discussion at the Institute of Intercultural Medicine of Neirika, where he currently serves as president. Be sure to catch this exciting segment where Armando shares unique insights gained from his frontline work to transform drug policy on the world stage.


armando un drug policy global drug policy war on drugs we can heal


Dr. Carlos AlvearLopez –Medical Doctor & Natural Medicine Specialist 

carlos alvear lopez yolitia ibogaine aftercare ayahuasca

Successfully integrating psychedelic and natural plant medicines into a comprehensive and holistic treatment model is critical in establishing a better paradigm for modern healthcare. Clinically trained by the Mind Body Herbert Benson Institute of Harvard University, Dr. Carlos AlvearLopez shares stunning insights with our team from his years of clinical experience in using medicinal herbs and sacred plants. Founder of the Inscape Recovery project and Yolitia Wellness, Dr. Carlos provides remarkable commentary on the need to shift drug policy based on years of applying holistic and herbal methods to treat a variety of conditions, such as drug addiction, depression and anxiety. From the therapeutic use of ayahuasca at Inscape Recovery’s ibogaine aftercare addiction treatment program to the study of neurotransmission and its clinical relevance in mental healthcare, this interview with Dr. Carlos is a powerful addition to our story.

Yolitia ibogaine aftercare ayahuasca