The Psychedelic Medicine Association: Bridging The Clinical Education Gap in Psychedelic Medicine 

Psychedelic medicine is rapidly making its way back into mainstream culture and medicine. However, the majority of healthcare providers on the front lines of patient care are still unaware of the burgeoning field of psychedelic-based therapeutics. As such, the need for educating frontline healthcare workers on the therapeutic potential of these substances is greater now than ever before. In an effort to bridge this gap, Microdose is excited to be a founding member of the Psychedelic Medicine Association: a society of physicians, therapists, healthcare professionals and industry leaders dedicated to advancing education regarding the therapeutic uses of psychedelic medicines. The Psychedelic Medicine Association (PMA) is eager to educate physicians, nurses, and therapists, on the latest in psychedelic science so they have the tools they need to provide the best possible care to their patients. 


The Founding Team Behind The Psychedelic Medicine Association

The PMA is a collaboration between Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, a Mayo Clinic-trained physician, attorney and former adjunct law professor, and The Conscious Fund, one of the most active VC groups in the plant medicine space. Both Dr. Morski and the founding partners of The Conscious Fund share a strong passion for psychedelic medicine and providing comprehensive, high-quality education for psychedelic medicine providers. In a recent interview with Dr. Morski about the mission of the PMA, she had this to say: 


“Our mission with the Psychedelic Medicine Association is to educate providers on the frontlines of patient care on what is currently available and coming soon in the world of psychedelic medicines so they can comfortably present their patients with the full range of therapeutic options.” ~Lynn Marie Morski, MD, Esq. (PMA President)


What Healthcare Providers and Industry Professionals Can Expect


As a part of the PMA, medical providers will receive comprehensive monthly updates on the latest in psychedelic research as well as other helpful guides. Some of the topics covered include how to discuss psychedelics with patients, how psychedelics interact with some of the most commonly-prescribed medications, and which psychedelic therapies are currently legally available in their area. Healthcare professionals and medical providers will also have direct access to a number of options for further study in psychedelics, such as continuing medical education courses and training programs. 

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Industry professionals will be offered the chance to speak with medical providers in an online forum that will foster engaging dialogue and help providers learn more about new psychedelic-based treatment options directly from those pioneering them. Organizational members will be able to recruit providers for clinical trials, gather important data points from providers about the efficacy of psychedelic therapies, and offer training courses and workshops. 


Looking Ahead to The Dynamic Clinical Landscape of Psychedelic Therapy


The core mission of the Psychedelic Medicine Association is to advance education on the therapeutic uses of psychedelic medicine for medical providers on the frontlines of healthcare. We are excited to announce this pioneering work that the PMA is setting out to deliver and are eager to see the beneficial impact it has on the evolving psychedelic medicine industry at large. 

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