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Microdose, the global leader in B2B psychedelic intelligence, is proud to be releasing The Psychedelic Industry Report & Online Directory: the most comprehensive investor focused report, tailored for the emerging psychedelic medicine space. This 500+ page investment grade market intelligence guide with 10k+ industry data points covers key insights, market data, sector fundamentals, transactions, clinical trials and important research in the psychedelic medicine space. Additionally, the Microdose website will feature a comprehensive online industry directory covering every major player in the global market. This will all be promoted to a vast network of investors, including institutions, family offices, high net worths and retail. We help investors connect with leading companies, establishing a growing capital pool and a reputation for making deals and green lighting innovative projects. To gain the deepest insights into this rapidly emerging market and access it’s most valuable players, check out our psychedelic industry report and online directory today.

Psychedelic Medicine is Poised to Revolutionize Modern Medicine in a Massive Way

Before adoption by the “hippie” counterculture and their ultimate prohibition, psychedelic medicines were already being discovered to be radically effective in the treatment of mental illness and addiction by the medical community. The modern revival of psychedelic research is rapidly expanding on this early knowledge base and is poised to revolutionize healthcare as we know it. While the medical cannabis movement has helped establish regulatory framework and shift public perception about psychoactive drugs, psychedelic medicine is backed by much stronger peer-reviewed clinical data and garnered far more investor interest. From novel drug development strategies to unique psychedelic-medicine assisted treatment models, our report will give you the latest evidence-based information on the burgeoning psychedelic medicine industry.

The Psychedelic Industry Report Covers Important Topics

Here’s what you can expect this comprehensive report to cover: Key psychedelic substances, the emerging psychedelic capital markets from top experts and companies impacting the industry, the future of psychedelic derivatives and patentability in this space, the therapeutic, spiritual, and performance-enhancing power of psychedelics, the current research landscape, including drug safety, efficacy and the latest groundbreaking clinical trials . Also explored will be VC funds and early investors, IPOs and the global market, the legal status of psychedelics around the world. This investment grade intelligence report will also feature exciting forewords from Rick Doblin and Dennis McKenna.

The report features pioneers of the industry, as well as the following content:

  • Key psychedelic substances
  • The therapeutic, spiritual, and performance-enhancing power of psychedelics
  • The current research landscape, including drug safety and efficacy
  • VC funds and early investors
  • IPOs and the global market
  • The legal status of psychedelics around the world

The report will be distributed to:

  • Institutions such as investment banks, hedge funds
  • Venture capital, private equity, M&A
  • Our internal database of industry insiders
  • Bank analysts
  • Family offices
  • High net worths 
  • Retail 
  • Biosciences and pharmaceuticals
  • Plus, report aggregators that reach a massive audience.

Announcing the Upcoming Special Report: IP & Patents for the Psychedelic Industry

Microdose is pleased to announce that in addition to our comprehensive 500 page Industry Report, we will also be releasing a short, ten page special report on intellectual property (IP) and patents for the psychedelic industry. As psychedelic drugs move through the arduous and expensive regulatory pipeline, the need for IP and patents becomes crucial for this process to effectively bring psychedelic medication to market. This special report will dive deep into IP and patents for the psychedelic industry. Make sure to get your copy when they become available and become a more knowledgeable psychedelic investor today. 

Microdose Would Like to Thank Our Wonderful Industry Report Sponsors

Microdose is pleased to be collaborating with the leading companies in the psychedelic industry to create this comprehensive 500 page report. We would like to thank our generous Industry Report sponsors for supporting us in the compilation of this investment grade intelligence guide:

MagicMed Industries is an innovative psychedelic drug development team that intends to partner with pharmaceutical and other companies to develop psychedelic-derived medicinal and licit consumer goods products. 

Zuber Lawler offers global legal solutions in transactions and litigation for nascent industries such as cannabis, eSports, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and psychedelic medicine.

Psygen is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade psychedelic drug products for clinical research and therapeutic applications

Mydecine Innovations Group™️ (CSE: MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) is an emerging biotech and life sciences company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative solutions for treating mental health problems and enhancing vitality.

Numinus psychedelic capital sponsor

Numinus (TSXV:NUMI) is a psychedelic healthcare company at the forefront of addressing the growing prevalence of mental health issues and desire for greater wellness.

Universal Ibogaine is a Canadian company poised to address the opioid epidemic through proven plant medicine.

“The mainstream acceptance of psychedelic medicine hinges on our ability to communicate their risks and benefits in a responsible and truthful manner. We are proud to be publishing this industry report that has been months in the making, with a special thank you to the team of contributors that worked tirelessly to create this incredibly comprehensive industry report, which we believe to be one of the most comprehensive global psychedelic industry reports available today.” Patrick Moher – Microdose CEO

Psychedelic Industry Report

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