Start Your New Year with the Tune In Psychedelics App – A Micro Dose Tracker & Scheduler

For the first time, a multifaceted, progress monitoring, growth-oriented micro dose tracker and scheduler app is available for download! Tune In Psychedelics is the ideal app for any psychedelic enthusiast. Android users can download the app here, and iPhone users will have access to the app January 1st, 2021.

Tune In Psychedelics – A Microdosing Tracker & Scheduler App

The underlying mechanism behind most psychedelic therapy is the challenging but rewarding macro-dose experience. Here, the user takes a significantly larger dose of a psychoactive compound with established therapeutic intent. These experiences can be difficult to manage, as most therapeutic breakthroughs are, but even more so when you factor the risk of a “bad trip.” Indeed, those in the psychedelic community are well aware that while macro-dosing psychedelics is wonderful, it is simply not for everyone.

Luckily, this is not the only way to reap the benefit of these incredibly powerful compounds.

During the better half of this decade, anecdotal and research evidence alike have looked at the polar opposite route of administration – the micro-dose. As the name implies, the user takes a smaller dose of a psychedelic compound (i.e., a dosage that is sub psychedelic, or does not cause hallucinations) to alleviate mental health symptoms or even increase productivity. Furthermore, a 2019 Maastricht University study found microdosing psychedelics for mental and physiological disorders to have higher self-rated efficacy compared to the conventional prescribed treatment.

Microdosing has shown potential in treating depression, replacing ADHD medication, and even treating anxiety disorders. Implementing microdosing into one’s life, however, can be a bit daunting – where does one even start? What methods exist? How do I keep track of my emotional progress, and how do I define progress? Thankfully, a new app has entered the market that answers all of these questions and more. The Tune In Psychedelics app allows users to record their dosages, create dosing schedules, and track one’s progress based on their individualized goals. 

Having used the app myself, I will detail my honest experiences with the app while breaking down the more logistical applications. If you are to take anything away from this article, it’s that this app has enormous harm reduction value (for both macro and micro dosing, of course). Moreover, I hope those in the psychedelic space recognize how much information is neatly packed into this app, which would otherwise make microdosing an overwhelming experience.

User Friendly & Customizable Features

Before discussing the intricacies of the app, it is important to understand how the Tune In Psychedelics features work. After being reminded that this app is harm reduction oriented, and is not to replace a doctor’s medical advice, the user can begin customizing their microdosing experience.

Users are encouraged to select a goal. “An intention is an aim or goal around which to center your trip,” the app reads. This is paramount to consider, as the app’s progress monitoring information is most useful with a specific goal in mind. Users can choose from the following goals: Feel Happy, Think Positively, Reduce Stress, Reduce Anxiety, Improve Sleep, or Improve Confidence. Off the bat, I appreciate that the app only presented well researched outcomes of microdosing. Users don’t have to worry about misleading microdosing goals.

Once a goal category is selected, the user is simply asked to write something related to their goal and pick the dates which they’d like to pursue microdosing. Tailoring the goal further to the individual user allows for not just more exact progress monitoring, but more realistic progress monitoring. For example, I selected “Improve Confidence,” but I am quite confident in my day-to-day work and identity. Upon being given the option to write about something related to my goal, however, I was able to specify my intent: “I want to feel good about the decisions I make towards my future, especially during these crazy times.” 

Here’s the kicker – at any time during your microdose experience, you are able to enter “today’s mood out of 1 to 5.” Though I personally recommend updating the app everyday, it should be noted that even the most passive approach works on two levels. One, entering data at all supplies the app with more information towards your progress, which is nicely graphed for the user (the visual aids of this app are fantastic – more on this below). Two, actually recognizing when you are feeling good, bad, better, worse, etc., has real therapeutic application. Indeed, those who are familiar with the concept of “gratitude journaling” can imagine how doing so while microdosing may be especially helpful towards one’s well being.

Dose Tracking, Scheduling, Mood & Personal Growth Monitoring

Moving on, the true appeal of the app is your ability to record past dosages, create a dosage schedule, and enter dose information in real time. Though completely optional, I find the “record past dose” feature to be very useful in cataloging one’s relationship to these compounds. Just like entering a dosage in real time, users can quickly enter relevant information about their past dosages. Equally worth noting is, whether entering a past dose or a entering a dose in real time, users may log a micro or macro dose. In either case, the user is then asked to select up to three emotions they are feeling then write something about those aforementioned emotions.

Perhaps the most appealing feature of the Tune In Psychedelics app, however, is the ability to schedule dosages. Users can create a dosage schedule with an extensive list of just about every psychedelic with a known application. I appreciate the app’s efforts to not exclude any of these powerful compounds from one’s microdosing experience. Tons of information on each of these substances are also available on the app, which I discuss in greater detail below.

Once a drug is selected, the user then selects the amount of their preferred substance, their desired start and end date, and the “frequency” of their dosing. The latter is especially convenient for new microdosers.

As I alluded to earlier, prior to using this app, I found the idea of microdosing to be a bit daunting. How many days on and how many days off? The user has the option to fill that information out themselves, however, I find it easier to select from the following micro dose frequency options presented in the app:

  • Stamets Protocol 5/2 (5 days on, 2 days off)
  • Fadiman Protocol 1/3 (1 day on, 3 days off)
  • Fadiman Protocol 1/2 (1 day on, 2 days off)
  • Alternating Protocol (1 day on, 1 day off)
  • PT Protocol 1/3 (1 day on, 3 days off)

To be completely transparent, I hadn’t been familiar with these protocols before downloading the app, which speaks to how thoroughly researched the team behind Tune In Psychedelics is on this topic. For the record, regardless of your dosing schedule, users can choose whether or not they would like to receive notifications or reminders based on their dosing calendar.

Finally, users can not only enter/update entries based on their mood, but review their previous data based on prior emotion-oriented entries. The app tracks one’s journey towards their goal – accounting for the up’s and down’s of bettering oneself – and places them nicely onto visual graphs. Even more user friendly is the “personal growth” percentage feature. Basically, as one gets closer to their goal, their “personal growth” percentage goes up (complimented by a visual representation of this progress). Having a visual to account for how far you come is supportive and therapeutic in itself! 

The overall tone of the app is motivating, friendly, and easy. Users are not pestered with notifications, and in contrast, dictate their relationship with the app. It’s dynamic nature allows for all types of engagement – from the personally invested microsoder looking for dramatic change to the long time microdoser who appreciates the organized calendar. All are warmly welcomed on the app.

Tune In Psychedelics

The Inherent Harm Reduction Message of Tune In Psychedelics

The app stays true to it’s harm reduction ethos and emphasis on quality drug information. Indeed, the rhetoric used on the app is very much based on therapeutic application of dosing – excluding the otherwise tricky-to-navigate realm of recreational usage. 

More specifically, tons of harm-reduction information can be found on the app for any psychedelic substance listed. For example, a user may search the app for information on dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Here, the user learns both classical information about the drug (e.g., the molecule structure, the effects one can anticipate, etc.) and harm-reduction oriented info, such as tolerance info, literal harm potential, and in depth dosage and duration info.

My absolute favorite feature of the app lies within this harm reduction listing. Users get a visual breakdown of a drug’s onset, duration, and after effects timeline. Coupled with dosage info pertaining to light, common, and strong doses, the user is now much better equipped to decide what dosage they are interested in, and most importantly, comfortable with taking.

“We believe harm reduction and drug education work hand in hand,” said Steve Holdt, creator of the app. Holdt believes that users ought to have quality information about safe dosing, and likewise, plans to incorporate more and more harm reduction measures into the app as time goes on. “We are passionate advocates for users to know exactly what they’re taking. As a team, we are very much interested in ensuring that quality microdose experiences start with safe, quality substances.” 

Though Holdt doesn’t encourage users to indulge in drugs, he hopes existing users can go about their usage safely and with the best information surrounding these substances. Given that microdosing has recently made headlines for its potential as an addiction treatment, it makes sense that Tune In Psychedelics takes a harm reduction stance. Advocating for psychedelic usage in safe, calculated doses, as opposed to taking larger amounts of more immediately dangerous drugs (e.g., opioids, stimulants, benzodiazepines, etc.), is a harm reduction message in itself.

Tune In Psychedelics

The Intersection of Technology & Psychedelia

Tune In Psychedelics is a phenomenal microdosing aid. While 2020 may be one of the most difficult closers to a decade in modern history, littered with mental health crises and economic turmoil, it’s evident that the psychedelic community has not accepted defeat. Indeed, apps like Tune In Psychedelics speak to a countering message of hope – that one can take charge of their mental health and navigate out of psychological crises. 

Perhaps more interestingly, the app speaks to the rising collaboration of technology and psychedelics. Many of the psychedelic companies in this space are in fact biotechnology companies, and virtual reality has been predicted to play a larger and larger role in future psychedelic experiences. I see Tune In Psychedelics in the same vein as these incredible technologies. It is the digital therapist and documentarian in your pocket, the emotional archive of your life in your phone, and the harm reduction activist in your hand! Android users are free to download the app and iPhone users can start the new year with Tune In Psychedelics, available for download on January 1, 2021. 

We encourage users to prioritize their mental health as we enter the new year, perhaps doing so with the guidance of this innovative and easy-to-use app.

Ali Shana

Ali Shana

Ali Shana is a Palestinian-American writer and grad student studying clinical mental health counseling. He tends to report on a variety of drug-related topics, such as policy reform, psychopharmacology, and medication-assisted therapies.