Kaivalya Kollectiv

Kaivalya Kollectiv is a multifaceted platform both mobile and physical, where talented teachers and psychedelic practitioners can share their gifts via retreats, courses, teacher trainings,(and more) around the world. Combining ancient eastern and indigenous practices with modern science and western therapies, Kaivalya draws on “ancient roots for modern growth”. With the flagship center set to open in the beautiful Tepoztlan (MX) in 2023, Kaivalya is set to be the central hub for spiritual and mental wellness. Kaivalya’s main areas of focus are psychedelics/plant medicine, yoga/meditation, sacred sexuality/tantra, breathwork, and research. Carefully selecting only top quality leaders with both experience and integrity, as well as a full staff that fits the brand, Kaivalya aims to set the bar for spiritual tourism as well as education..

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