Wes Ryan, MD

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist specializing in clinical use of ketamine

Dr. Ryan is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist based in Los Angeles with additional fellowship training in addiction psychiatry, and specializing in consultations regarding psychedelics as well as the use of ketamine assisted psychotherapy. He has trained and practiced in various clinical and research settings, both inpatient and outpatient, across Los Angeles and Seattle including the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, University of Washington, Harborview Medical Center, several Veteran Affairs medical centers, Kaiser West Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University, as well as in his own private practice. In his work with St. Joseph Center, Ocean Park Community Center (AKA The People Concern), and Venice Family Clinic he has worked in the field in tandem with a homeless outreach team and full service partnership (FSP) program, practicing “street psychiatry” as it’s called. He has extensive and diverse training in state-of-the-art mental health and addiction treatment, combining medications and psychotherapy to attend to individuals with mental health needs, substance abuse issues, or both (dual diagnosis). Additionally, he has worked in various research settings, accumulating published articles and presentations on such topics as ketamine for treatment resistant depression, the advantages of combining ketamine with psychotherapy, cannabis, psychedelics, club drugs, hallucinogens, and addiction. Pulling from this extensive body of knowledge, and ongoing reading of new publications, allows for nuanced perspective and informed consultations regarding psychedelics and obscure psychoactive substances. Through his diverse experiences and training in both pharmacology and psychotherapy, Dr. Ryan's approach integrates individually tailored therapeutic interventions, typically including lifestyle changes and sometimes medication options, with novel treatments such as ketamine assisted psychotherapy, in an empathic, non-judgmental, safe space, helping individuals find meaning, understand themselves, and motivate to make positive changes. He has applied these principles in those suffering from PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, and substance use disorders. In terms of psychotherapeutic alignment, he integrates knowledge and practices from psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and motivational interviewing, and particularly enjoys working with individuals in helping them achieve meaningful personal growth. In his free time, Dr. Ryan enjoys listening to music, reading, seeing friends, and spending time outdoors in nature, be it at the beach, the Santa Monicas, the high sierra, or gardening. He is an avid cyclist, surfer, and rock climber.