Tatiana Santini

Ketamine Assisted Therapist, Field Trip Health

Tatiana is a Ketamine Assisted Therapist at the Field Trip Health. She completed a post graduate certificate in Psychedelic Assisted Therapies and Research at CIIS, including MDMA assisted psychotherapy, and she has completed Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) training with Dr. Phil Wolfson and Ketamine Training Center. Tatiana has experience working with psilocybin at Synthesis Retreat in the Netherlands, and over a decade of experience working with PTSD, trauma, and substance use disorders, in Canada, in private practice as well as in various community health clinics. Tatiana has a Master’s degree in Adlerian Psychotherapy and Counseling from Adler Graduate school, and she is a Doctoral student of Existential Psychotherapy at NSPC in the UK . Tatiana is also a faculty at City University of Canada, teaching Group Therapy.