Shea Prueger

Ibogaine Revelations

ibogaine provider

Shea Prueger has been working with ibogaine since 2011 after being introduced to the medicine by Eric Taub in a coffee shop in the East Village while dependent on Suboxone. She went on to apprentice in large, fast-paced centers for years in Central America and has reformulated her approach over the last several years. This reformulation includes working with one person at a time, extending stays, and adding in a slow and low approach as an option for clients. Prueger opened up the first medically monitored center in Thailand and SE Asia. Prueger primarily works in Costa Rica in pre-booked slots of time. She still does pre-booked blocks of time in SE Asia as well. She has been focused in Scientific American, Bust, Thought Catalog, Ivory Magazine, and the South China Morning Post. She believes integration is what is missing from the traditional model of ibogaine treatment and by extending length of stay, she is able to accommodate integration, tailoring her program to the individual. Prueger also co-runs The Root Ibogaine Collective as well as her center Ibogaine Revelations. She wants to thank Clare Wilkins for supporting her and guiding her through the low wave dosing approach.