Sarah Stenuf

Veteran's Ananda Inc. & Ananda Farms

Veteran's Ananda Inc. - Founder & Executive Director / Ananda Farms - Founder & CEO

Sarah Stenuf, is a native of Syracuse, NY. She served 4 yrs & 1 deployment in the U.S. Army, prior to being medically retired for epilepsy from a TBI & PTSD. Sarah's mission is to educate others about post-service issues & eradicate veteran suicide. Which is why Mrs. Stenuf founded Veteran’s Ananda Inc. a, 501(c)(3) non-profit, homestead & retreat that provides free care, support, & rehabilitation to our nation's veterans & their families through traditional & nontraditional treatments & therapies - riding a one-size fits all approach to support and healing. Mrs. Stenuf is also the Founder and CEO of Ananda Farms, LLC- Veteran's Ananda for-profit subsidiary. Ananda Farms is a DEA licensed hemp cultivar and nursery in NY. Ananda Farms is the first hemp cultivation license holder in Oswego, County.