Nadia Van der Heyden

Director of Sales and Marketing, Psygen Industries Inc.

Nadia joined Psygen in February 2020 and has developed client relationships with multiple psychedelic corporations, researchers and non-profits to provide supply chain solutions.
For the last 18 years Nadia has worked on the front lines in EMS most recently as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic (CCP) qualifications and has worked in emergency retrieval medicine since 2016.
Nadia’s interest in psychedelic medicine (particularly for PTSD therapy and ADHD) developed from dealing with her own work-related trauma, along with an adult diagnosis of ADHD. Witnessing her first-responder colleagues suffer immensely from PTSD, high rates of suicide and addiction, she firmly believes Psygen’s mission to meet the manufacturing demand of clinical trials and commercial production will promote collective healing.