Mark Howard

Iboga Soul

Iboga Provider, Co-founder

Mark C. Howard: Iboga Provider, Co-founder of IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing Mark specializes in providing Iboga root bark as well as it’s total alkaloid extract along with the African spiritual tradition, Bwiti, to seekers in the west searching to healdepression, PTSD, anxiety, addictions and to reconnect with their soul. He has spent nearly 5 years in Vancouver BC with his team treating 100’s of people in medically supervised sessions using this shamanistic way of healing the body, mind and reconnecting the soul. Initiated into the Missoko Bwiti as well as completed a Rite of Passage into manhood in Gabon, Africa. Mark and the IbogaSoul team are featured in the award winning documentary MicrodoseMe (2019) capturing the emotional fury of a young woman looking to cure opiate addiction with plant medicines because pharmaceuticals weren’t working. Mark has been trained in the Bwiti tradition by shamans in Gabon, Africa and maintains deep rooted integrity to uphold the tradition in the western world.