Joseph Araujo

Mindset Pharma Inc.

Chief Science Officer

Joseph has dedicated his career to the application of science to ultimately improve the lives of people with health and medical needs. As President and CEO of InterVivo Solutions, Joseph is focused on optimizing the translational value of InterVivo's services to facilitate the development and approval of novel drugs and therapeutics. Joseph continues to be closely involved in projects utilizing, characterizing and developing the aged dog as a natural model of age-related human diseases. Joseph is a strong proponent for the use of validated natural and/or translational animal models in drug discovery and in collaborative development of models. His scientific background includes graduate training in behavioral pharmacology and neuroscience at the University of Toronto, 40 refereed publications and several invited international presentations, which exemplifies his continued passion for scientific innovation and expertise in natural aged canine models of human disease and particularly forward and back translation of Alzheimer’s disease using the naturalistic aged canine model of Alzheimer’s disease progression. Joseph directly supports developing biotech talent and companies and has co-founded and held executive level and advisory positions in several contract research, biotech and animal health companies helping to build their global presence and success. Specifically, these include: CanCog Technologies, Karyopharm Therapeutics, NPM Pharma, Vivocore Inc., Ketogen Pharma, Epione Animal Health, and Mindset Pharma. Joseph is passionate about the role Mindset is playing in helping to re-shape the neuropsychiatric and neurological health paradigm and believes that the potential benefit to mental health wellness across the lifespan will be disruptive to the health and medical sectors.