Dr. Joseph Tucker

MagicMed Industries

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Joseph Tucker has 20 years’ experience as a biotechnology entrepreneur and C-Suite executive, co-founding five companies and raising more than $50MM.  He was formerly Executive Chairman of Willow Biosciences (TSX: WLLW), CEO of Stem Cell Therapeutics (TSX: SSS, now NASDAQ: TRIL), Vice President of Resverlogix (TSX: RVX), and Vice President of NeuroStasis (acquired by TSX: TTH, now NASDAQ: OPK).  Joseph has led the development of new drugs for CNS, cardiovascular and lung disorders. He holds 7 issued patents as well as a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Calgary. Joseph is an expert in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Having held leadership positions at a number of companies he understands what it takes to achieve commercialization and a successful exit. In 2013, Joseph co-founded Epimeron Inc., a biotechnology company focused on the development of yeast-based fermentation systems for the production of pharmaceutical opiates. As CEO, Joseph led, oversaw and guided Epimeron through a successful merger with BioCan Technologies to become the publicly listed company, Willow Bioscience, on the TSX. As MagicMed’s CEO, Joseph leads the company, sets its corporate vision, and leads the development of the PsybraryTM. Joseph is currently focused on partner development and financing. Joseph is in discussions with a number of different organizations to further the development of MagicMed’s psychedelic library and to partner with companies interested in the clinical development of novel, improved psychedelic drugs. Joe has raised two private placements to put MagicMed in a well-capitalized position and will continue to lead the business strategy at MagicMed.