Craig Trester

Applied Mycologist, Educator, & Citizen Scientist, MYC.NYC

Craig M. Trester is an educator and citizen scientist that utilizes principles of biomimicry and traditional ecological knowledge through applied mycology to develop regenerative solutions for many of the environmental challenges that impact our world. Through educational outreach he has sought to provide people with the knowledge and resources to recognize and practically apply the benefits that fungi have to offer our health, environment, and society. Aside from Craig’s work as an educator much of his research focuses upon how might the qualitatively regenerative principles and techniques of permaculture be combined with the quantitatively powerful tools of molecular biology to paint a picture of the deeper ecological connections throughout nature facilitated by our microbial world. He believes novel approaches for bioremediation, carbon sequestration, and regenerative agriculture can be made a reality, through research of fungi and soil biology, diligent observation of our surroundings, and intentional application of beneficial microorganisms.