Boaz Lehman

co-founder and head of RnD / product development, Kiaranaturals

Boaz embodies the vision of Kiara CBD. Bobo is a wild man and a clinical herbalist, a nature guide and foraging instructor who is never more at home than in the embrace of nature – in a verdant valley wilderness, or under a blanket of stars on a moonless night.
His relationship with plant medicine started in 2009 in the Himalayan mountains where he learned from local medicine men and women. After witnessing the power of plants first-hand, Boaz traveled the world gaining a wealth of first-hand ethnobotanical knowledge about all types of plants from across the planet.
After completing his training in a variety of natural therapy methods, he started formulating remedies for both patients and therapists. Driven by a belief in the importance of respecting and connecting with nature, Boaz made all his remedies by foraging all the plants he used according to the season, location, moon cycles, and local traditions.
Today for Kiara, Boaz produces all his products with the precision and attention to details of a pharmacist, and with the conscience and empathy of a shaman.