Allison Wiseman

PlanTek Systems

Owner and Research Leader

I have almost 30 years experience in plant micropropagation, plant biotechnology and fungal propagation for research, environmental and commercial applications. Our current flagship project is the breeding of cold-tolerant Tabernanthe iboga individuals to increase the geographic growth range of commercial ibogaine plantations. In addition to our work to increase reliable agricultural yields and develop distinct cultivars of medicinal species, we're also passionate about germplasm conservation, the preservation of genetic diversity within populations and regions Ibogaine has huge clinical potential for addiction, neurodegenerative disorders and beyond. Its clinical trajectory could mirror the adoption of medical and recreational Cannabis in many ways- and the lessons we've learned from the Cannabis and psilocybin industries should smooth progress considerably. Ibogaine is a beautiful plant inspiring quality research at a critical timepoint for human health and wellbeing