Mydecine Speaker Series: Part I

Microdose invites you to join the Mydecine Speaker Series, dedicated to the exploration of the incredible findings around the current psychedelic research and what the path to mainstream acceptance looks like.

Mydecine Speaker Series: Part I
Dec 15, 2020, 5:00pm EST
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About the Event Series

Mydecine Speaker Series – Psychedelic Solutions will explore how cutting edge research is igniting medical interest in addressing the mental health crisis.

Discover the Speakers

Dr. Rakesh Jetly, OMM, CD, MD, FRCPC

Chief Medical Officer
Mydecine Innovations Group Inc.

Yeji Lee

Business Insider

Robert Roscow

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder
Mydecine Innovations Group Inc.

Ruth Lanius

Professor of Psychiatry and the director of the posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) research unit at the University of Western Ontario
Mydecine Innovations Group Inc.

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD

Head of the Centre for Psychedelic Research
Centre for Psychedelic Research, Imperial College of London, MyDelica

Presenting Sponsor

Mydecine Innovations Group Inc.

Mydecine Innovations Group™ (CSE:MYCO) is a publicly traded life sciences syndicate, with offices in Denver, CO, USA and Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Mydecine is dedicated to the development and production of adaptive pathway medicine and natural health products all stemming from mushrooms. Mydecine’s experienced multi-talented team has the dynamic capabilities to oversee all areas of Schedule I drug development, including but not limited to synthesis, genetic research, delivery mechanism design, clinical trial execution; through to worldwide product commercialization, marketing and spore-to-sale™ distribution of cGMP psilocybin API’s and non-psychedelic medicinal fungi.

By leveraging strategic partnerships with global scientific, medical, clinical, and Veteran organizations; Mydecine is well positioned at the forefront of naturally derived medicine, alternative therapeutics, and fungtional™ mushroom vitality consumer goods. Our portfolio of unified companies, including Mydecine Health Sciences™, Mindleap Health™, and NeuroPharm™ focus together on providing innovative and effective solutions that can help millions of people live a healthier quality life.

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