Virtual Psychedelic Conference

In the midst of a global health crisis, Microdose and The Conscious Fund are hosting a worldwide virtual conference for the emerging psychedelic medicine industry, the biggest global event in the space to date. Given the mental health and wellbeing challenges facing the world, the conference is a timely look at the new treatments and therapies which have astonished researchers.

In partnership with The Green Light and The Conscious Fund, a venture capital fund with active investments in the psychedelics industry, this groundbreaking event will bring together CEOs, investors, scientists, researchers, and regulators for an array of panel discussions and collaborative networking.

Virtual Psychedelic Conference
Apr 14-15, 2020
$50.00 $25.00

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Discover the Agenda

Keynote with Robin Carhart-Harris

Regulation & Law

Science: Day 1



Patient Experience

Venture Capital & Funding

Crossing Over From Cannabis


CEOs: Day 1

Holistic Wellness

Fireside Conversation with Dennis McKenna

Science: Day 2

CEOs: Day 2

Capital Markets

Beyond Mental Health

Whole Plant VS. Synthetics

Ibogaine & Addiction

Going Mainstream

The Mushroom

Communicating Psychedelics

Philanthropy and Psychedelics

Closing Keynote with Rick Doblin

“A full course meal displaying the multifaceted layers of the global psychedelic community filled with hopeful, passionate, talented, and truly extraordinary people!”

-Steve B.

Get a Speak Peak into Course Material

Our virtual conference was filled with everything from discussions on the positive mental health benefits of psychedelic therapy for military veterans to watching a comedian blush over being on-screen alongside Dennis McKenna, with a few technical issues in between. You'll learn, you'll laugh, and maybe you'll cry. Who knows.

Discover the Speakers

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD

Head of the Centre for Psychedelic Research
Centre for Psychedelic Research, Imperial College of London, MyDelica

Dana Beal

Director for Global Outreach for IFTW/President of Ibogrow

Mia Cosco

Branding Coach

Dr. Tanja Schomann

CEO / Co-Founder

David Bronner

Dr. Bronner's

Justin Townsend

CEO & Partner
Myco Meditations

Shane Mauss

Curator / Host / Comedian
Here We Are

Natalia Vorobyeva

Co-Founder & Head of Science

JR Rahn

Founder CEO

Jerry Brown

Anthropologist / Activist
The Psychedelic Gospels

Marik Hazan

Tabula Rasa Ventures

Deborah Mash, PhD

CEO & Founder
DemeRx Inc

Luc Van Poelje

Psychedelic Insights

Juliana Mulligan

Psychedelic Program Coordinator / Ibogaine Integration Specialist
The Center for Optimal Living / Inner Vision Ibogaine

Will Kleidon


Riley Cote

Advocate / NHL player
Advocate, Wake Network

Ryan Munevar

Co Founder
Decriminalize California

David Kurth

President / CEO
The Sporing Company, U-Bud Cannabis

Shelby Hartman

Editor in Chief

Harsh Taneja

Clinical Advisor
The Sporing Company

Irie Selkirk

Rise Wellness Retreats

Shlomi Raz

Chairman / CEO

Danny Motyka

Chief Executive Officer
Psygen Industries Inc.

Zappy Zapolin

Psychedelic Concierge
KetaMD, Ketamine Fund

João Taborda da Gama

Senior Advisor
Gama Glória

Alex Speiser


Kevin Matthews

Chairman and Executive Director; President
Society for Psychedelic Outreach, Reform Conference

Patrick Kroupa

Chief Psychedelic Officer
BetterLife Pharma

Jackee Stang

President / Founder
Delic Corp

Jeremy Weate

Universal Ibogaine

James Lanthier

Mindset Pharma Inc.

Erica Zelfand

Simba Health

Thomas Anderson

Research Director / Co-Founder
Toronto Centre for Psychedelic Science

Juliana Mulligan

Psychedelic Program Coordinator / Ibogaine Integration Specialist
The Center for Optimal Living / Inner Vision Ibogaine

Sam Chapman

Campaign Manager
Yes On Measure 109

Ariel Jarvis

Owner / Operator
Vitality Wellness Center

Susan Chapelle

Havn Life

Jonathan Sporn, MD

Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals

Sarah Rose Siskind

Drug Test

Dana Larsen

Cannabis Advocate, Activist, Author, Politician.
Dana Larsen

Dr. Srinivas Rao, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer
ATAI Life Sciences

Alexej Pikovsky

Alphagreen Group Limited

Florian Brand

ATAI Life Sciences

Shayne Nyquvest

Chairman and Founder
Universal Ibogaine

Ronan Levy

Executive Chairman
Field Trip Health

Dr. Vince Polito, PhD

Science Researcher
Macquarie University

Jesse Gould

Heroic Hearts Project

Mark Haden

Executive Director

Wyly Gray

Founding Executive Director
Veterans of War

Dr. Alberto Sola

Universal Ibogaine

Todd Shapiro

Red Light Holland

Daan Keiman

Guild of Guides

Rick Doblin

Executive Director

Tobias Erny

Consultant - Coach - Activist - Manager

Deepak Anand

Co Founder & CEO
Materia Ventures

Patrick Moher

Microdose Psychedelic Insights

Robert Laurie

Ad Lucem Law Corporation

Dick Simon

Entrepreneur / Philanthropist

Steve Sadoff

Co Founder / CEO
Sansero Life Sciences

Dr. Darryl Hudson, PHD

Sansero Life Sciences

Psil Silva

Psychedelic Researcher & Writer
Psil Silva

William Hilson

Executive Officer | Investor | Board Member
Hillhurst Management Inc

Martijn Schirp

Synthesis Retreat

Henri Sant-Cassia

Board Director

Stacey Wallin

Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder

Sarah Stenuf

Board President / Director of Research & Development
Veterans Ananda

Paul Stamets

Speaker Author Mycologist
Fungi Perfecti

Charley Wininger

Listening To Ecstasy

Judy Blumstock

Diamond Therapeutics

Payton Nyquvest

Chairman & CEO

Dennis McKenna

The McKenna Academy

Connor Haslam

Chief Product Officer
Microdose Psychedelic Insights

Dr. Matthew Cook, MD


Brandi Garden

Co Founder / Teacher
Eversio Wellness

Matthew W. Johnson, PhD, MA

Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Johns Hopkins, Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research

Will Goss

Chief Technology Officer
Decriminalize California, Myco Systemics

Eric Osborne

President / Founder
PLEDG, Discipline & Guidance

Christopher Timmermann-Slater

Imperial College of London

Anil Seth

University of Sussex

Jan Ramaekers

Professor of Psychopharmacology
Maastricht University Medical Center

Marta Kaczmarczyk

Guild of Guides

Robin Arnott

Andromeda Entertainment

Kat Courtney

CEO / Founder
The Afterlife Coach

Daniel Carcillo

Founder / Activist
Wesana Health, Chapter 5 Foundation

Ian McDonald

Bright Minds Bio

Paul Austin

Founder, CEO
Synthesis, Third Wave

Grant Lawrence

Chapter President / Co Founder
Valhalla Private Capital

Alex Krause

PR Consultant
Alan Aldous Communications

Joe Green

Co-Founder / President
Psychedelic Science Funders Collaborative

Matthew Nordgren

Founder & Managing Partner

Tania De Jong

Executive Director / Co Founder
Mind Medicine Australia

Jack Lloyd

Lloyd Law Professional Corporation

Aaron Genuth

Founder & President
Darkhei Rephua

Jonathan Glazer

Thank You Plant Medicine

Frank Lane

CFN Media

Bek Muslimov

Founding Partner
Leafy Tunnel

Simeon Schnapper

Simeon Schnapper
JLS Fund

Sarah Hashkes

Radix Motion

Tyler Bryden

Speak Ai

Tim Regan

Investor Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

Recordings will be put on YouTube after the show, typically within 5 business days.

For the full experience, it’s recommended that you use a personal computer running Chrome 79+ or Firefox 76+. Safari will run in lite (non-interactive) mode, meaning you can watch the panels but not interact with the features of the platform.

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