PuraPhy, the Premier Consumer Digital Voice in Hemp and CBD, Expands to Functional Mushrooms and Psychedelics 

Between the incredible progress both cannabis and psychedelics have made in recent years, the options for establishing and maintaining wellness have rapidly expanded. Now, more than ever before, there is a need for high-quality information about the plant medicine landscape that is accessible and distilled for the retail consumer. Already the leading educational digital voice in the hemp and CBD space, the team at PuraPhy is now expanding their robust content universe to include functional mushrooms and psychedelics. From exclusive features on the biggest players to the newest products and top celebrities influencing the society today, the Puraphy team is sure to bring serious value to the emerging mushroom and psychedelic sector. 


I had the pleasure of speaking with both Sara Rose Kennedy, PuraPhy Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer as well as Richard Pérez-Feria, PuraPhy’s editor in chief to further explore PuraPhy’s new content channels for this piece.

Curating Quality Consumer Content for the Plant Medicine & Wellness Space

Between the medical cannabis movement and the mainstream popularization of CBD and hemp products, the market for plant based consumer wellness products is rapidly growing. More recently, the emergence of medicinal mushrooms and, in the clinical setting, psychoactive ones, is quickly producing additional markets in the sector. As such, the need for clear and concise consumer content in the space has never been greater. Indeed, filling this education gap has been the PuraPhy team’s mission and they’ve certainly come a long way in doing so.  Dubbed the “Healing HQ”, PuraPhy aims to facilitate the plant-based wellness trend by providing quality content for consumers in the space. 

With all misinformation that is unfortunately prevalent in this digital age, the PuraPhy team prides themselves on being a leading resource for clear and straightforward information. Indeed, their relaxed, “non-clinical” approach to technical content is exactly what consumers at large need right now. Additionally, by bringing together influencers and celebrities to spotlight in their features, the PuraPhy team crafts content for maximal engagement and impact.

Puraphy mushroom psychedelic content expansion

Spotlighting Celebrities & Influencers to Curate Content for Maximum Impact 


In addition to providing resourceful content to help empower their readers, the PuraPhy team also makes an effort to spotlight influencers and celebrities in their content. From a riveting blog article featuring NHL star Riley Cote to other great pieces featuring icons such as Nico Marley, Bob Marley’s grandson, there’s certainly no shortage of great content featuring big names over at PuraPhy. Essentially, the PuraPhy team aims to be what the “Forbes 500” list is for money, but spotlighting leading social icons in the space instead. Their expansive rolodex definitely allows them to highlight a diverse set of voices across various industries in mainstream culture–from music to sports. 

Another unique offering that PuraPhy provides is the PuraPhy 20, an exclusive list of celebrities, athletes and other social icons impacting the hemp, mushroom and psychedelics space. The PuraPhy team has already offers something similar for the hemp and CBD space and is now actively expanding into mushrooms and psychedelics.  The Microdose team is certainly excited to see who they feature next–particularly in their PuraPhy 20 Psychedelics list!

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Puraphy mushroom psychedelic content expansion

Expanding From Hemp to Medicinal Mushrooms and Psychedelics 

The PuraPhy journey began in the burgeoning hemp and CBD space, but the team has recently expanded their content universe to include the emerging medicinal mushroom and psychedelic medicine sector as well. By expertly tying together the visual component of captivating content with creative copy, the PuraPhy team produces high-quality consumer content for the industry at large. They are currently the only media destination that is consumer facing and dealing with CBD, hemp, functional mushrooms, psychedelics and other plant based remedies. Their conversational tone, beautiful, clean design and simple layout puts them at a powerful advantage over other industry players! 

While many players in the cannabis and hemp spaces are pivoting to mushrooms and psychedelics, the team at PuraPhy brings forth unique experience putting them at a significant advantage.

Puraphy mushroom psychedelic content expansion

PuraPhy’s Leadership Team Brings Extensive & Robust Experience to the Table

Diverse experience in the cannabis and hemp space is another dynamic hallmark of many leaders in the emerging psychedelic medicine and functional mushroom sector. Indeed, there are many strong parallels between the two industries and strong experience in one certainly translates effectively to the other. Puraphy’s leadership team brings forth exactly this sort of versatile experience, as demonstrated by the background of both PuraPhy Co-Founder Sara Rose Kennedy and Editor in Chief, Richard Pérez-Feria. 

In an interview for this feature, Sara had this to share about her experience at PuraPhy:

“Having spent years working in both the legal cannabis and hemp industries, I know first-hand how important information and education on plant-based medicine is for consumers. With new technology, research and laws constantly evolving, it’s difficult for anyone to keep up with all the necessary information. This is why we launched Puraphy as a trusted, go-to-source where consumers can distinguish between the facts we provide and the fiction they’re often fed elsewhere. We created our platform with this in mind.” ~Sara Rose Kennedy, PuraPhy Co-Founder 

Sara’s deep insights into the cannabis and hemp wellness spaces has certainly proved useful in understanding the content needs of the emerging mushroom space. Her colleague and PuraPhy’s Editor in Chief, had this to add about his dynamic experience on the team:

“We launched PuraPhy to make it not only the most relevant and impactful digital destination for all things CBD, hemp, functional mushrooms, psychedelics and other plant-based remedies, but also to create a town square of sorts where we can communicate PuraPhy’s ethos of conversational, easy-to-digest stories—many featuring celebrities, athletes and other notables—with a striking, unforgettable visual aesthetic, while remaining uncluttered and soothing. A tall order to be sure, but we’re up to the challenge.” ~ Richard Pérez-Feria, PuraPhy Editor in Chief 

Puraphy mushroom psychedelic content expansion

Closing Thoughts on PuraPhy 

When you put the ingredients together between the content and the look and feel, PuraPhy is well ahead of the curve in capturing consumers’ increasing fascination with CBD, hemp, psychedelics and functional mushrooms. They’re poised for the inevitable boom that’s upon us. You can check out all their great content and exclusive features at PuraPhy.com and follow them on Instagram (@PuraPhy), on Twitter (@PuraPhyHemp360) and on Facebook (@PuraPhy).

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