Microdose Presents “Psychedelics & Sports”: A Bold Exploration of Psychedelics In the Lives of Professional Athletes

Toronto – November 18th 2020 – Microdose Psychedelic Insights, along with The Conscious Fund, are pleased to present a new event series Psychedelics & dedicated to discussing how psychedelics intersect with mainstream culture.

Psychedelics & Sports Features An All-Star Lineup of Pro Athletes

The first in this dynamic series is Psychedelics & Sports, a bold exploration of psychedelics and professional sports featuring an all-star lineup of pro athletes. 

Wednesday’s live panel will feature top athletes, including former professional hockey players Daniel Carcilo, Riley Cote, and Theoren Fleury. Also joining us are former NFL athletes Eugene Monroe, who played left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, and Eben Britton, who was the offensive guard for the Chicago Bears. Anna Symonds, USA Rugby player for the Women’s Premier League (WPL) will also be one of the distinguished panelists at today’s event. 

Dr. Jeremy Weate of Universal Ibogaine Offers Deep Insights Into the Intersection of Professional Sports & Psychedelic Medicine

Microdose is pleased to announce Universal Ibogaine, a Canadian company poised to address the opioid epidemic through proven plant medicine, will be sponsoring this first event in the Psychedelics & series. We reached out to their CEO, Dr. Jeremy Weate, for some insight on the intersection of professional sports and psychedelic medicine. 

“The shadow side of many elite contact sports, such as the NHL and the NFL, is encouraged and excessive use of opioid pain medication in order to ride through the inevitable injuries. There’s a hidden epidemic of addiction among these athletes that is only now coming to light. Universal Ibogaine will be working with professional sports and player associations to raise awareness of the issue and provide information about ibogaine therapy as the only form of detox that is free from withdrawal symptoms in most cases.” ~Dr. Jeremy Weate, CEO Universal Ibogaine

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From Treating Disorders to Transcending Limitations: Psychedelics Could Revolutionize Professional Sports

Psychedelics & Sports will explore the intersection of professional sports and psychedelics, including potential clinical indications (e.g. trauma from sports injuries, LSD microdosing for pain over opioids, etc), and their potential uses for cognitive and possible “performance enhancement”.

Panelists will be asked to reflect on the past, present, and future potential of the psychedelic space in relation to injury prevention, clinical treatment, and cognitive/performance optimization. With topics ranging from historical icons, such as the enigmatic major league baseball player Dock Ellis who shattered expectations with his infamous “acid no-hitter”, to the unspoken opioid epidemic plaguing high contact sports, this panel is sure to engage and inspire.

100% of Ticket Proceeds for Psychedelics & Sports Will Go to Charity

In an effort to galvanize collective action to promote better wellness and mental health, Microdose is pleased to announce 100% of ticket proceeds will be donated to Chapter 5 Foundation and Athletes for CARE. Outside of pro sports, our panel of top athletes are activists that advocate for various important issues. The Microdose team is pleased to help support their efforts.   

As psychedelics continue to help us unlock this hidden potential, Microdose’s daring new series explores this phenomenon across social and cultural spectrums.  

More details and tickets to the event can be found here or purchased at the top of this blog post!

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