Psychedelic Guides with Stefany Nieto of Gwella Mushrooms

This week’s Psychedelic Guide is Stefany Nieto, COO for Gwella Mushrooms. Gwella Mushrooms is dedicated to the research, production, and distribution of functional mushroom products, novel consumables, and psychedelics.

When did you first become involved in the psychedelic industry and why?

My first experience with the psychedelic industry was on a birthday a few years back. I wanted to satisfy my curiosity around psychedelics after years of hearing about their transformative nature.

In terms of actually joining the industry, this took place near the end of 2020 when I joined Gwella (, the mushroom company, as Co-Founder and COO. I took the leap due to the team’s commitment to intentional and sustainable values, mission, and future growth strategies which aligned with my own personal beliefs and goals.

Do you, or have you taken, psychedelic substances?

Yes, I have and I do partake in psychedelic substances. I try to take the time for a solid macro-dose once every 4-6 months to help restore balance and perspective.

What’s your favourite psychedelic compound?

It’s a toss-up between LSD and psilocybin! They tie due to the chances of a stomach ache, taste, and energy boosts at the tail end of a trip.

Do your parents/family members know what you’re doing?

They do! I actually sat down with my entire family and partner’s family, individually, before joining Gwella to walk them through the sector and company I was joining. My preemptive approach was driven by valuing transparency and wanting to address any concerns our families had before they found out about my involvement via social media. The conversations went better than expected!

Have you had an experience with mental health/chronic pain?

I have times when I deal with some intense anxiety and chronic lower back pain, exacerbated by stress and anxiety.

What’s your vision of the industry in 20 years?

Widespread access and complete acceptance of psychedelics, allowing individuals and communities to explore the world of plant-based medicine and ethnobotany without having to fight the law.

What are your biggest worries for the industry?

Big pharma dominating the psychedelic space, limiting supply resulting in stifled competition and restricted access for the general public.

Who are your heroes?

Cliche, but I have to say my mom. A single, immigrant mother who took the first job that paid a decent wage to put food on the table. Hustled throughout my childhood to give us a good life and taught my brother and me to persevere against all odds.

If you could create a psychedelic to do anything you wanted, what would it do?

A psychedelic lucid dreaming experience without the risk of sleep paralysis.


We’d like to thank Stefany for being a part of the Psychedelic Guides series. Stay tuned for weekly profiles on leaders in the psychedelic industry.

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