Psychedelic Capital Returns in 2021: January’s Event Will Explore the First Raise & Life in Public Markets

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While the tumultuous year that was 2020 brought numerous unforeseen challenges with it, psychedelic medicine made remarkable progress. With the new year in full swing, psychedelic companies are continuing to make their debut on the stock exchanges, making their mark on capital markets. After a fortuitous conference series in 2020, Psychedelic Capital, the premiere psychedelic due diligence conference, returns to highlight dignitaries from the top companies in the space. 

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The First Psychedelic Capital of 2021 Features Innovative Sponsors and Speakers

The first Psychedelic Capital event of 2021 is on January 28th at 4:30pm EST  and will feature engaging presentations from our sponsors, Psygen Labs, Albert Labs and Mindset Pharma. 

Representing Psygen Labs is their innovative CEO, Danny Motyka, who’s extensive work in cannabis and degree in chemistry offers him a strong knowledge of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the associated regulations related to psychedelic medicine. 

James Lanthier, a seasoned tech executive with strong business building and corporate finance experience, is also the CEO of Mindset Pharma and will be giving a dynamic presentation about their progress and future plans. 

Lucia Huang, the co founder and CEO of Osmind, will be one of our spirited panelists at January’s Psychedelic Capital. The innovative team at Osmind is aiming to build the digital infrastructure for the psychedelic medicine renaissance.

Also speaking at this upcoming PsyCap on January 28th is Tyler Bryden, the founder of Speak AI. Tyler brings his deep experience as a data scientist to the Microdose team as an advisor and has a notable passion for psychedelic advocacy, public speaking, and technology. 

psychedelic capital investment medicine healing stocks capital markets

Psychedelic Capital Provides Investment Grade Intelligence for the Nascent Psychedelic Sector

The Psychedelic Capital conference series provides investment grade intelligence for the nascent psychedelic space. Our curated group of CEO’s, financial experts, thought leaders and investment luminaries from around the world. Past Psychedelic Capital events have been sponsored by some of the most influential firms in the burgeoning psychedelic sector and featured inspiring voices in psychedelic medicine, mental health, technology and more. 

This year’s Psychedelic Capital conference series is set to launch in just a few days and is sure to engage and empower the audience with deeper insights into the psychedelic investment landscape. You can grab your free ticket here and join us for an informative, intriguing, and inspiring exploration of the psychedelic renaissance.  

psychedelic capital investment medicine healing stocks capital markets

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