PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways From The Wake Network Presentation at Psychedelic Capital

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The evolving field of mycology research and fungus-derived medicinals is projected to revolutionize the market for mental illness treatments and general wellness products. From the power of psilocybin to radically treat conditions like treatment-resistant depression to the profound therapeutic properties of medicinal and functional mushrooms, this space is generating incredible interest. One innovative startup known as The Wake Network is advancing novel psychedelic medicine research with the help of cutting-edge mycology and fungus derived therapeutics. They aim to help patients fighting mental illnesses such as PTSD, depression, alcoholism and addiction to opioids, to name a few. Here are three key takeaways from their dynamic presentation at our fall Psychedelic Capital event. 

The Wake Network psilocybin mushroom medicinal functional mental illness

Key Takeaway #1: The Wake Network Aims to Reclassify Psilocybin & Promote the Benefits of All Mushrooms

The burgeoning field of psychedelic science is rapidly uncovering the immense therapeutic potential of psychedelic, medicinal and functional mushrooms. In regards to psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, leading institutions like Johns Hopkins, NYU and The Imperial College of London have performed groundbreaking trials demonstrating their efficacy in treating serious conditions, such as end-of-life anxiety. The Wake Network team is committed to advancing the field of fungi and plant medicine through clinical research.

Wake Jamaica, in collaboration with Wake Network, has conducted studies with universities and research centers in Jamaica and in Canada that will provide new knowledge, data and scientific understanding. Furthermore, these efforts are likely to stimulate strategic investments, trade, growth of the economy and a sweep of income generating opportunities for various segments of the local population. This will consequently open new avenues for addressing a range of mental illnesses. 

Since medicalization is the most likely way for an ethical regulatory framework to be established for psilocybin, The Wake Network team’s dedication to clinical research is indeed strategic. As the psychedelic renaissance progresses, these research efforts are projected to pave the way for major advancements for The Wake Network team.

The Wake Network psilocybin mushroom medicinal functional mental illness

Key Takeaway #2: The Wake Network Team is Made Up of All-Star, All-Female Mycologists

One of the most unique things about The Wake Network team is their dynamic, all-female mycologist team. The nascent psychedelic industry is in great need of more diverse leadership–something this organization is strongly dedicated to. Pauline Smith and her all-star group of all female mycologists and farmers in Jamaica lead the powerful team at Wake Jamaica, a joint venture subsidiary of The Wake Network. Not only is their leadership team made of brilliant women, but Smith also empowers women and female-farmers how to cultivate micro-farms and grow organic functional and psilocybin containing mushrooms. 

The following quote from Smith artfully encapsulates The Wake Network team’s dedication to diversity and inclusion: 

“In a time of racial separation around the world, what we have is a coming together of North America & the caribbean, with the idea of building something absolutely wonderful” – Pauline Smith

The Wake Network psilocybin mushroom medicinal functional mental illness

Key Takeaway #3: The Wake Network Gives Back Socially, Environmentally & Financially

Undoubtedly, one of the major takeaways from The Wake Network’s presentation is what they refer to as their “triple bottom line”. This is their mission of always leaving a community better off socially, environmentally and financially when they leave. Currently, their efforts are aimed at establishing a no-waste, “closed-loop system” and working to improve soil conditions. The Wake Network team has also developed a decentralized production system where they work with poor women and marginalized youth, all of whom become artisan mushroom growers. They hope to aid marginalized artisan growers be a part of progress, which in turn will help their communities. These efforts are certainly an admirable testament to good corporate social responsibility and help separate this group from the rest of the industry.

The Wake Network team not only hopes to improve the social economy for the vulnerable population of Jamaica, but also to contribute to the global body of psychedelic research in general.Currently, there are no controlled clinical studies investigating the therapeutic efficacy of microdosing. The Wake Network team has several such studies in the pipeline. They intend to work with leading academic institutions to study everything from substrates to optimal environmental conditions for mushrooms. They also intend to put their GMP mushrooms in for clinical microdosing studies and will be able to document and share this data. These novel efforts by The Wake Network team certainly set them apart from the rest of the industry.

The Wake Network psilocybin mushroom medicinal functional mental illness

A Look Ahead for The Wake Network

The Wake Network team is composed of diverse industry leaders and experienced researchers on a mission to powerfully impact the emerging mushroom industry. From their dedication to research and diversity to their important efforts at giving back to society, this is one startup the industry should definitely keep their eyes on. 

Make sure you catch The Wake Network at our upcoming Mushroom Conference! You can get tickets here.

The Wake Network psilocybin mushroom medicinal functional mental illness

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