PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways from the Universal Ibogaine Presentation at Psychedelic Capital

This dynamic presentation from Universal Ibogaine is from our October 2020 edition of Psychedelic Capital. You can get FREE access to recordings here using discount code ‘PSYCAP’! To learn more about our amazing Psychedelic Capital sponsors, click here!


The progression of psychedelic science has brought with it the promise of radically effective new treatments for a host of mental illnesses–especially addiction. Current treatment options for opioid and other forms of addiction are failing to help the majority of people. The West African psychedelic shrub Ibogaine has been shown to fast track the withdrawal process and induce positive, lasting changes in those seeking addiction treatment. One company at the forefront of providing this promising new therapy to the world at large is Universal Ibogaine. Here are three key takeaways from their dynamic presentation at our October Psychedelic Capital event. 

Key Takeaway #1: Hundreds of Studies Show Ibogaine is Effective for Opioid Detox

The modern opioid epidemic has taken a severe toll on the global population–especially Canada and the United States. Currently, one in five Canadians suffer from addiction in any given year. Furthermore, opioids and heroin are now the number one cause of accidental death in Canada and the US for people under 50. With a staggering $2.5 trillion US dollars spent on the crisis from 2015-2018 and no clear end in sight, it is clear that the need for change is now and greater than ever before. Enter ibogaine, a psychedelic shrub native to West Africa that has been shown to essentially reset the neural wiring of drug addicted persons.

This remarkable plant medicine is the centerpiece of the therapeutic clinic delivery model utilized by the team at Universal Ibogaine. When paired with their robust treatment protocol, ibogaine has been shown to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and successfully interrupt the process of active addiction. Not only are ibogaine’s effects extremely fast acting, but its therapeutic benefits result in long-lasting reductionsin cravings and the overwhelming compulsion to use for approximately 2-4 months post treatment. In a time where the need for radical new therapies for opioid use disorder are greater than ever before, the promise that is ibogaine therapy is poised to revolutionize addiction therapy as we know it.

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universal ibogaine opioid addiction therapy withdrawal recovery

Key Takeaway #2: Universal Ibogaine has Big Plans to Expand on the Horizon 

The team at Universal Ibogaine has some exciting developments on the horizon that their CEO, Dr. Jeremy Weate, shared with us during his Psychedelic Capital presentation. Among them was the fact that Universal Ibogaine will undergo a reverse takeover (RTO) this year. Additionally, the team at Universal Ibogaine will be able to open legal ibogaine clinics in three countries. Among them is the Bahamas, where the team intends to open up a 5-star holistic treatment setting for ibogaine therapy. They will also be including linkages to their center in Manitoba for aftercare. Finally, the team is about to conclude filing their prospectus, with only one million to go in a $3.5 million Canadian dollar raise. With all these exciting developments on the horizon, the team at Universal Ibogaine certainly has a lot to look forward to. 

universal ibogaine opioid addiction therapy withdrawal recovery

Key Takeaway #3: The Universal Ibogaine Protocol Includes Robust Pre and Post-Treatment Therapy 

A common theme in the emerging psychedelic medicine space is the need for robust pre and post treatment protocols in addition to the actual psychedelic assisted therapy session. From comprehensive pretreatment talk therapy to holistic posttreatment coaching and rehab, the Universal Ibogaine protocol is replete with the necessary elements for success. With an inpatient treatment process that takes no more than ten days, patients are able to safely and directly tackle their addiction and dependency head on. With a team of highly skilled therapists and other clinicians, the Universal Ibogaine team provides an exceptional standard of care to each and every one of the patients they see.

universal ibogaine opioid addiction therapy withdrawal recovery

A Look Ahead for Universal Ibogaine

As opioid overdose rates continue to skyrocket amidst the current pandemic, the need for new, more effective therapies are greater than ever before. With an exciting RTO and the opening of new clinics on the horizon, the team at Universal Ibogaine is uniquely positioned to be a leader in the addiction treatment space. With the current state of scientific research strongly supporting the use of ibogaine in addiction treatment, it is very likely Universal Ibogaine’s scope of practice will continue to expand across the globe. This is certainly one bold and innovative company in the psychedelic space investors should be paying close attention to.

universal ibogaine opioid addiction therapy withdrawal recovery

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