PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways from the Pure Extracts Corp. Presentation at Psychedelic Capital

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As the psychedelic renaissance boldly amples forth, several major players are bringing significant experience from the cannabis and hemp industries to the table. One such company poised to make a significant impact on the market is Pure Extracts Corp. With a team of qualified experts in the space and cutting-edge CO2 and ethanol extraction technology, the company is expanding from the greenscape of cannabis and hemp into functional mushrooms and psychedelics. They are positioned to enter the commercial cannabis, hemp and functional mushroom extraction sector as an experienced producer. With licensing from Health Canada and an IPO on the horizon, here are three key highlights from the Pure Extracts Corp Psychedelic Capital Presentation. 

Key Takeaway #1: Pure Extracts Corp. Will Use Cutting-Edge Biomass Extraction to Scale Major Industry Verticals 

Pure Extracts Corp CEO, Ben Nikolaevsky, described extracting biomass as his company’s mission statement. Their diverse strategy spans from cannabis and hemp, both of which Nikolaevsky has had significant success in, to functional mushrooms. Their highly experienced team of extractors has significant experience with ethanol and CO2 extractions. The Pure teams ability to extract ,formulate, and ultimately deliver a product that’s traceable and consistent–a powerful and necessary offering to the burgeoning plant medicine industry.

As projected by Nikolaevsky when this recording took place (in June), the team at Pure Extract Technologies received their Health Canada standard processing license. As stated in this joint release

“Health Canada officially granted Pure Extracts a Standard Processing license under the Cannabis Act after an extensive 5-month application and vetting process. The Company’s refined business model combining extraction tolling, white-label production of vape pens & edible products along with 34 proprietary ‘Pure Pulls’ in-house formulations is ideally suited to prosper given the current climate of dramatically reduced biomass costs.”

The report goes on to state:


“‘We are thrilled to be commencing production in our new, EU-GMP compliant, purpose built facility and are confident that our state-of-the-art extraction and processing equipment will produce the highest quality cannabis and hemp derived oil available on the market,’ says Founder & COO, Doug Benville.”


Between their highly experienced extraction team and state of the art GMP facility, the Pure Extracts team is certainly one worth keeping an eye on in the plant medicine space.

pure extracts hemp cannabis extraction oil expert team

Key Takeaway #2: Functional Mushroom Market Projected to be $13 Billion by 2022

One of the most compelling takeaways Nikolaevsky had to offer during his talk at Psychedelic Capital was his deep insights into how rapidly these markets are expanding. Nikolaevsky stated the functional mushroom market alone is projected to be $13 billion dollar by 2022. Similar to the CBD industry a couple years ago, functional mushrooms are starting to expand into wellness, sports recovery and a host of other high-impact industries. Indeed, a 2018 peer-reviewed study states medicinal mushrooms “have great therapeutic applications in human health as they possess many properties such as anti-diabetic, anti-cancerous, anti-obesity, immunomodulatory, hypercholesterolemia, hepatoprotective nature along with anti-aging.”1

Indeed, medicinal mushrooms are rapidly gaining popularity due to their therapeutic potential. Of course, psychedelic mushrooms have also been gaining incredible popularity due to the increasing body of clinical research validating their therapeutic potential. The team at Pure Extracts Corp. is certainly positioned to take advantage of these opportunities due to their comprehensive experience and diversified strategy.

functional mushroom medicinal mushroom market

Key Takeaway #3: Strong Experience & Expert Collaboration Puts Pure Team at Strong Advantage  

Experience and a documented track record of success are invaluable merits in the world of business. The team at Pure Extracts is hardly new to the art of crafting high-quality plant medicine extractions. For instance, under Nikolaevsky’s leadership as President & CEO of Natura Naturals Inc., a private Canadian cannabis licensed producer, the company was successfully acquired by Tilray Inc. Prior to Natura, Nikolaevsky has an impressive resume ranging from president & CEO of Blue Goose Capital to leading positions at CIBC and IBM Global Financing Canada. 

Another important point discussed by Nikolaevsky is their notable collaboration with leading scientific adviser, Dr. Alexander MacGregor, Founder of the Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology. This is particularly important since along with Dr. MacGregors strong R&D background, he also has a narcotics license. Since psilocybin, the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms”, is still a schedule 1 federally restricted drug across the globe, this has massive implications on expanding the Pure team’s mushroom products into psilocybin containing products for research and clinical purposes. Combined with their experience in the already established cannabis and hemp spaces, the Pure team is poised to scale major verticals across various plant medicine industries with powerful collaborations like these.

pure extracts corp teamwork expert team clinical

Looking Ahead for Pure Extracts Corp. 

The team Pure Extracts expects to have cannabis and hemp products on shelves soon as they simultaneously expand their efforts into the functional mushroom space. Their expert extraction team and notable collaborations are important factors that intersect with their venturing into the mushroom market. The Pure Extracts team is up to some exciting things and is most definitely a company investors and plant medicine enthusiasts should keep a close eye on.


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