PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways From The Mindset Pharma Presentation at Psychedelic Capital

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As investor interest in the psychedelic space rapidly grows, the lion share of capital continues to flow into drug development. Founded by serial entrepreneurs and domain experts in drug design and medicinal chemistry, Mindset Pharma is a psychedelic drug discovery company making exciting moves in the space. Their goal is to build upon decades of existing research to formulate psychedelic drug treatments that are less toxic, more stable and that work for the largest population group possible. 

Through expedited efficacy trials, drug development research and establishing intellectual property, Mindset hopes to pursue efficacy trials for psilocybin analogs to determine the best use-cases for psychedelic intervention. With psychedelic medicine poised to be a generational game-changer for mental health treatment, companies like Mindset Pharma are certainly positioned for success. Here are three key takeaways from their dynamic presentation at Psychedelic Capital. 

Mindset pharma psychedelic medicine

Key Takeaway #1: Mindset’s Mission is to Improve Upon Traditional Psychedelics to Create Robust Mental Health Interventions

The classic psychedelics, such as psilocybin, are in the public domain and not optimized for side effects like more traditional drugs are developed to be. The drug development process rewards the synthesis of novel compounds that are both safe and efficacious. While the safety profile of traditional psychedelics are, for the most part, soundly established in the clinical literature, chemists are working relentlessly to optimize these compounds to be more effective and have lower side effect profiles than their traditional counterparts. Furthermore, from a patentability perspective, the need to develop novel compounds in this space is greater now than ever before. 

This is where a team like Mindset Pharma is aiming to shine. By developing patentable psychedelic compounds that are redesigned for optimal efficacy and minimal adverse effects, the team at Mindset is crafting the next-generation of mental health medicines poised to revolutionize healthcare. 

novel mental health medicine mindest pharma psychedelic

Key Takeaway #2: Mindset Pharma’s Psilocybin-Inspired Compound Is More Potent and Efficacious Than Psilocybin 

Developing safe, potent and effective new compounds is the goal of every organization in drug development. Reproducing the efficacy of psilocybin using novel compounds is no easy task, yet that’s exactly what the team at Mindset Pharma. Research has shown Mindset compounds are at least as potent and efficacious when compared with strong potential or first-in-class clinical psychedelic drugs. When it comes to their new psilocybin-inspired compound, the low EC50 and higher RFU (max) values from their assay demonstrate Mindset’s new psilocybin-derived drug is seven fold more efficacious than psilocin. These findings are significant and great news for the team at Mindest as well as their investors. As their research continues, the industry is sure to keep an eye on any new developments the Mindset team has about their new compounds.  

Key Takeaway #3: The Team at Mindset Pharma is Business Savvy & Experienced in Drug Development 

Successfully developing novel drugs and seeing them through the regulatory pipeline to completion is no simple task. The sheer amount of capital investment required often necessitates a seasoned leadership team behind the project with solid drug development experience. The leadership team at Mindset Pharma offers just that as represented at Psychedelic Capital by their CEO, James Lanthier and Mindset’s expert scientific advisor, Dr. Malik Slassi.

Mr. Lanthier is a highly experienced technology executive with strong expertise in business building and corporate finance.  Most recently, Mr. Lanthier co-founded Future Fertility, the leading developer of Artificial Intelligence applications for human infertility.  Previously, he was a founder and COO of Mood Media Corporation, which he grew along with the founding team to be the world’s largest in-store media provider, serving over 300,000 retail and hospitality locations around the globe. Mr. Lanthier’s rich corporate experience positions him to be an impactful player at Mindset and the emerging psychedelic space overall. 

Dr. Malik Slassi, the expert scientific advisor to Mindset Pharma, has over 30 years of experience in the successful identification of small molecule drug candidates across multiple therapeutic areas including Neurology, Oncology, Immunology and Gastro-intestinal medicine. With over 100 patents and collaborations with some of the world’s leading drug companies, Dr. Slassi brings unique experience to the table at Mindset Pharma. He provided deep insights into their psychedelic drug development process at Psychedelic Capital. His discussion about the “prodrug” properties of psilocybin that can be improved upon due to psilocybin being a phosphonate compound was particularly fascinating. 

mindset pharma psychedelic drug development

Looking Ahead to the Future for Mindset Pharma

The team at Mindset has seized upon an opportunity to build on decades worth of research on the therapeutic benefit of classic psychedelics. They aim to improve traditional psychedelics, like psilocybin, to make them more pharmacologically optimized. With the need for better mental health treatments at an all time high, the team at Mindset is positioned to succeed with their psychedelic inspired drug development strategy. With psilocybin receiving “breakthrough therapy” status and global recognition for its therapeutic properties, the team at Mindset is truly at the forefront of next generation medicine. 

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