PsyCap Recap : 3 Key Takeaways From the KetaMD Presentation at Psychedelic Capital

This intriguing presentation from KetaMD is from our November 2020 edition of Psychedelic Capital. You can get FREE access to recordings here using discount code ‘PSYCAP’! To learn more about our amazing Psychedelic Capital sponsors, click here!


Described as the vanguard or “trojan horse” that has helped break open the possibility of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, the dissociative anesthetic ketamine has played a massive role in the emerging psychedelic renaissance. Robust clinical research has shown the ability of ketamine to rapidly treat severe depression and acute suicidality with more efficacy than any currently accepted medical intervention. The team at KetaMD, which is pioneering “at-home” ketamine therapy during the age of COVID-19, is projected to be a major player in the ketamine therapeutics sector. Here are three key takeaways from their Psychedelic Capital presentation given by their inspiring founders, Warren Gumpel and Mike “Zappy” Zapolin. 

Key Takeaway #1: Warren & Zappy Have a Deeply Personal Desire to Bring Ketamine to the World 


While KetaMD’s founders, Warren and Zappy, have worked in various capacities across the ketamine space, including running clinics, marketing and consulting, their deeply personal stake in seeing ketamine therapy succeed is particularly compelling. Warren first discovered the benefits of ketamine therapy as a patient himself. Warren described his early twenties as a “hamster wheel of trying new medicines” that would have reductions in efficacy over time and caused significant side effects. 


However, after a couple of ketamine treatments, Warren claims to have gotten his life back. The dark cloud lifted, Warren has been a passionate advocate for ketamine therapy. He eventually met filmmaker and activist Zappy Zapolin, who was running a ketamine clinic at the time in South Florida. The two quickly realized they were aligned in their pursuit of getting ketamine therapy out into the general public and have been working together ever since. 

Zappy’s recent advocacy and filmmaking efforts in psychedelic medicine have included huge names, such as Michelle Rodriguez and Lamar Odom. His experience doing ayahuasca in Peru powerfully shaped the direction of his advocacy as well. Between Zappy and Warren, the two not only bring serious talent and expertise to Keta MD, but a deeply personal stake in the success of ketamine therapy as well.

ketaMD ketamine therapy warren zappy at home therapeutics

Key Takeaway #2: KetaMD Strives to Maximize “At-Home” Accessibility During COVID-19

One of the biggest takeaways from Warren and Zappy’s presentation is their dedication to maximize the accessibility of ketamine therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the mental health crisis progresses amidst worldwide isolation mandates, the Keta MD team plans to take their service online to get it to everyone. Their completely digital platform includes online consultations with doctors, getting the ketamine shipped directly to your house and a safe, guided experience with a KetaMD guide, all of whom are nurses. 

Since set and setting are key for the optimal experience and treatment efficacy, KetaMD strives to allow patients to experience the benefits of ketamine treatments from the comfort of their own homes. 

Currently, most ketamine providers require a patient to visit their office for ketamine infusions six times over the course of two weeks. Not only is it difficult for people to take that much time off work, the treatments are generally not covered by insurance and fairly expensive. The KetaMD team acknowledges this gap in accessibility of ketamine therapeutics and aims to bridge it through their “at-home” treatments.  

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ketaMD ketamine therapy warren zappy at home therapeutics

Key Takeaway #3: KetaMD is Taking an Evidence-Based Approach to Ketamine Therapy

As with other psychedelics in this modern renaissance, recent clinical research into ketamine’s efficacy as a mental health medicine has been groundbreaking. The KetaMD team is dedicated to taking an evidence-based, scientific approach to ketamine therapy. During their Psychedelic Capital presentation, Warren and Zappy described how ketamine works on the default mode network (DNM) of the brain. This region has also been spotlighted by psilocybin researchers for its involvement in processing emotions like fear and anxiety. 

Warren and Zappy went on to discuss how in the hours after a 45 min session, ketamine metabolizes and builds new neural pathways around trauma and depression. The team takes advantage of this “window of neuroplasticity” following treatment by connecting them with nurses who help them contextualize their traumatic experiences. 

This robust, evidence-based approach allows KetaMD to provide the highest level of care for their patients, offering them the best chance at an emotionally healthier and happier life. 

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ketaMD ketamine therapy warren zappy at home therapeutics

Looking Ahead for KetaMD

Warren and Zappy highlighted several important reasons the world is in need of better mental health therapies. Between the global pandemic and the crippling mental health crisis, the need for novel treatments, such as ketamine therapy, is greater than ever before. While the team at KetaMD plans to expand to include psilocybin and MDMA down the line, they are passionate about being able to provide ketamine today. Their novel use of telemedicine and at-home delivery maximizes their ability to reach patients who need this therapy the most. The KetaMD team is up to big things and is one organization investors and the industry at large is sure to keep an eye on. 

ketaMD ketamine therapy warren zappy at home therapeutics

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