PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways From the Kaivalya Kollectiv Psychedelic Capital Presentation

This insightful presentation from Kaivalya Kollectiv is from our November 2020 edition of Psychedelic Capital. You can get FREE access to recordings here using discount code ‘PSYCAP’! To learn more about our amazing Psychedelic Capital sponsors, click here!


The emerging psychedelic landscape is replete with a variety of different retreats offering unique opportunities for psycho-spiritual exploration. Standing out among them is Kaivalya Kollectiv, a hub for authentic spiritual work in many forms. Their enterprising founder, Joël Brierre, also known as the “entheogenic yogi”, specializes in working with the powerful hallucinogen 5-MeO-DMT. He offered deep insights into Kaivalya and psychedelic retreats in our last Psychedelic Capital panel of 2020. Here are three key insights from his engaging presentation. 

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Key Takeaway #1: Statistics Show People Are Seeking Healing & Ready to Do the Work

One of Joël’s many key insights from his presentation that was particularly important was the fact statistics show people are seeking healing and ready to do spiritual work. In fact, Joël mentioned that “Retreat guru” reported a 38% increase in spiritual wellness retreats around the world–clearly highlighting this growing public interest. He insightfully described how the worldwide pandemic has shaken everyone’s foundation and security in some way. Indeed, from commerce to our daily lives, the Coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought forth unforeseen challenges as well as exacerbated existing ones. This is particularly true when it comes to mental healthcare and the limited number of options available to the mainstream through traditional medicine. By offering a conscious central hub with skilled practitioners trained to deliver psychedelic therapy in a non-clinical setting, Joël is establishing a powerful precedent for “best practices” in the world of psychedelic retreats. And according to the data, him and the team at Kaivalya are doing so at an incredibly important time in our collective evolution.

joël brierre bufo alvarius dmt psychedelic retreat

Key Takeaway #2: Groundbreaking Hopkins Study Shows Immense Therapeutic Potential from 5-MeO-DMT

Clinical research has been the backbone of the modern psychedelic renaissance. One groundbreaking study from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University found that the use of synthetic 5-methoxy-N,N-dimtheyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) was associated with “unintended improvements in self-reported depression and anxiety when given in a ceremonial group setting.” Joël described how researchers discovered that the powerful psychedelic produced a “mystical experience” in subjects and that positive effects on depression and anxiety lasted up to 4-6 weeks. This remarkable ability of psychedelics to induce lasting benefits after only a few sessions is one of their hallmark therapeutic qualities that makes them such robust medicines. Indeed, Joël and the highly experienced team at Kaivalya are dedicated to taking an evidence-based approach to their treatment protocols. 

It is worth noting that researchers at Hopkins, like Joël, utilize synthetic 5-MeO-DMT instead of extracting it from the Bufo Alvarius–an equally effective but much more sustainable method of sourcing the psychedelic. Not only is this better for the toads, but Joël also described how other alkaloids in the Bufo secretions can be lightly cardiotoxic and can be avoided by utilizing the pure molecule (also known as the “Jaguar”). Finally, Joël described how it’s also easier to provide more consistent dosing this way. 

joël brierre bufo alvarius dmt psychedelic retreat

Key Takeaway #3: Kaivalya’s Expert Team is Ready to Safely and Effectively Deliver Powerful Psychedelic Medicine 

In the world of psychedelic medicine, 5-MeO-DMT has a reputation for being one of the most (if not the most) powerful psychedelics of all. Providing such an incredibly powerful psychedelic drug is not without its risks and requires a highly skilled team of competent practitioners. Joël described how the expert staff at Kaivalya are trained in every aspect of delivering the powerful medicine, including first aid. Furthermore, his team is thoroughly “trauma informed”, an important aspect of psychedelic therapy and deep intrapersonal work. With big risk comes big reward, and the benefits Joël has seen certainly speak for themselves.

When asked what the most positive success story he observed from retreat goers was, Joël aptly replied:

“Relief from the human condition. Imagine a lack of suffering caused by the fluctuations of the mind. Imagine creating the perfect relationship between the mind, awareness and ego to where there is no longer that inner war happening. Imagine peace.” -Joël Brierre, Founder Kaivalya Kollectiv

Indeed, when it comes to mind-blowing and soul-searching psychedelic retreats, the Kaivalya team is certainly positioned to offer the optimal experience. 

joël brierre bufo alvarius dmt psychedelic retreat

Looking Ahead for Kaivalya Kollectiv

As psychedelic medicine continues to pervade both the clinical and non-clinical setting, retreat centers will continue to be an integral part of the industry. Staffed entirely by locals, from their restaurants and cafes to the local artists and musicians they collaborate with, Kaivalya Kollective is establishing itself as a leader in psychedelic retreats. From his deep experience and passion for yoga to his love for neural hacking, Joël brings diverse and dynamic flavor to the retreat setting and the Kaivalya brand. As the modern psychedelic renaissance continues to unfold, this is certainly one company investors and the industry at large want to keep an eye on.

joël brierre bufo alvarius dmt psychedelic retreat

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