PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways From the HAVN Life Presentation

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The promise that is psychedelic medicine stands to upend our current paradigm of healthcare–especially as it relates to mental illness. One innovative company focusing on providing these healing compounds for the world is HAVN Life. Their team is working to create standardized formulas using psychoactive compounds for scientific research and optimizing human performance. Havn Labs is working on developing innovative methods for the standardization and extraction of quality-controlled compounds derived from plants and fungi. Additionally, their retail arm will be formulating evidence-informed natural health supplements from non-regulated compounds. The team at HAVN Life is poised to make a massive impact on the emerging psychedelic medicine sector. Here are three key takeaways from their presentation at our June Psychedelic Capital Conference.

Key Takeaway #1: HAVN Life’s Experienced Leadership Team Is Built for Success

Creating a stellar leadership team is essential in affecting progress in the emerging psychedelic space. The team at HAVN Life has pulled together an impressive roster committed to science, research, development and business for over 20 years individually. Beyond that, their collective experience stands to help the company generate value for shareholders within the first year from their work in the sciences and natural medicine sectors.

Their Executive Co-Chair, Barinder Rasode, served two terms as an elected Councillor for the City of Surrey and served on the Board of British Columbia’s largest health authority, Fraser Health.

Susan Chapelle, the charming and dynamic HAVN Life Co-CEO, is an inventive leader with a highly successful career building start-up businesses, leading as a two-term elected politician, and influencing changes that improve organizations and emergent industries.

With a title like “Chief Psychedelic Officer”, the importance of the work by Dr. Ivan Casselman at HAVN Life simply cannot be overstated enough. WIth over a decade of experience in academia, his research spans the human use of psychedelics, ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology and the study of plant science including genetics and analytical chemistry.

The HAVN Life leadership team is one of extensive industry experience and unparalleled insight into the emerging field of psychedelic therapeutics. Their teamwork is already paying off and such examples of dynamic and diverse leadership are crucial to this emerging industry.

HAVN Life leadership team psychedelic medicine
Key Takeaway #2: Medical Cannabis Has Set Forth a Clear Constitutional Precedent for Psychedelic Drugs

The revival of this psychedelic revolution is arriving on the heels of major advancements in cannabis legislation and policy across much of the globe. With respect to Canada, cannabis has set a clear precedent and established a constitutional mechanism to allow Canadians to access psychedelic medicines. Indeed, the 4 patients recently approved for psilocybin use by the ministry of health in Canada highlights a major milestone in the movement for the medical use of psychedelic drugs. The current “compassionate use” framework established through cannabis reform in places like Canada, have helped pave the path of progress for psychedelics today.

The team at HAVN Life discusses how much the psychedelic industry has learned from the cannabis movement and how they are now working to apply these lessons to the burgeoning field of psychedelic medicine. Their experience in the cannabis sector is certainly proving to be incredibly valuable to their efforts and the greater psychedelic community as a whole.

HAVN Life CEO Cannabis Reform Psychedelic

Key Takeaway #3: The Body of Research Around Psychedelics Far Outweighs Cannabis

The pathway to mainstream integration for psychedelic drugs is through well-constructed scientific and clinical research–something compounds like psilocybin and MDMA have already made incredible strides in. The research available for psychedelics far outweighs the clinical significance of the research available for medical cannabis–and investor interest across the two industries clearly reflects that. This has huge implications on the impending medicalization of psychedelic compounds. Our deeper understanding of psychedelic drugs and their mechanisms of action is the direct result of accumulating a much greater knowledge base about the serotonin receptor. Most traditional psychedelic drugs, such as psilocybin, LSD and DMT, act primarily on this receptor.
This puts companies in the psychedelic medicine space at a massive advantage over their cannabis counterparts, as much less is understood about cannabinoid pharmacology. The potential psychedelic medicines, such as psilocybin, have to induce neuroplasticity and neurogenesis alone are profoundly impactful to the fields of medicine and mental health treatment in particular.

Co-CEO Susan Chapelle made the keen observation that there are currently 264 clinical trials that currently involve the use of psychedelic compounds–a momentous stride from the early days of prohibition! The combination of powerful clinical data and heavy investor interest puts companies like HAVN Life at the forefront of an exciting new industry.

HAVN Life leadership team

Bonus Takeaway: From Treatment to Transcension–Psychedelics Are More Than Medicine

The team at HAVN Life presented another powerful point that is most certainly worth an extra paragraph and a special shout out. It is the fact that the same mechanism used by psychedelic drugs to heal people from disease is also used to help us transcend and amplify the human experience. Chief Psychedelic Officer, Dr. Ivan Casselman, powerfully stated that “the last couple of months have shown us we’re ready for a change and we’re ready to see what the next level of human evolution looks like”. Indeed, unlike many traditional medications aimed at simply relieving symptoms, psychedelic medicine stands to address the root causes of much of human suffering. In doing so, these compounds have the ability to provide humanity with the gift of a much richer, fuller experience. From microdosing to mind-melting, fully blown psychedelic experiences, one thing is clear: there’s a lot more these compounds have to offer that even go beyond treating disease and illness.


The team at HAVN Life certainly have their sights set on a brighter future for the world. While the current state of affairs might have many skeptical instead of optimistic, the highly experienced HAVN Life leadership team has a bold yet sound strategy moving forward. As the nascent psychedelic medicine industry continues to emerge into the mainstream, this is certainly a company investors want to watch out for!

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