PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways from the Field Trip Health Presentation at Psychedelic Capital

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Improving mental wellness and healthcare is one of the biggest promises the emerging psychedelic renaissance has to offer the world at large. The evolution of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy involves the integration of various elements, from competent clinical care to advanced digital therapeutics. Field Trip Health aims to be the first integrated company in therapeutic psychedelics, from the clinical delivery of care all the way up to product and drug development–and everything in between! Here are three key takeaways from their dynamic presentation at our June 2020 Psychedelic Capital event. 

Field Trip Health Psychedelic Medicine digital therapeutic

Key Takeaway #1: Field Trip Strategically Pivoted to Expand Digital Offerings During Pandemic 


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to restructure their operations and strategies. Field Trip has taken advantage of the extra time and resources due to COVID and put towards their digital therapeutic protocols. While the company has always had a robust digital offering, they had initially been focused on the physical rollout of their clinics. 

When the pandemic had slowed this process, Field Trip funneled their time and resources into optimizing their digital therapeutics. Their executive chairman, Ronan Levy, accurately stated that one of the big challenges of this industry is scaling these psychedelic-assisted therapies because they are so high touchpoint and involve such expensive and laborious investments (e.g. highly-trained therapists, adequate facilities, etc). Finding digital tools for the space to support patients and clinicians alike is crucial to successfully scaling such treatment modalities. Ronan also talked about how Field Trip was getting ready to launch their patient portal that helps support their patients in establishing a healthy lifestyle outside of the clinic. These exciting digital developments are sure to position the team at Field Trip, and their patients, for better success moving ahead!

Field Trip Health Digital Therapeutics Psychedelic Medicine

Key Takeaway #2: Psychedelic Therapy Means Going Beyond the Drug 


When it comes to successful psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, there are many elements that need to be considered beyond the drug itself. In his talk, Ronan talks about three primary factors: the drug/molecule, the therapeutic protocol and the “set and setting”. Psychedelic medicine is radically different from traditional pharmaceutical products or medical services because of these three primary factors that need to be considered together. For instance, the current scope of Field Trip Health clinics is to provide ketamine-assisted psychotherapy–something that requires adequate physical space and highly-trained caregivers. As the spectrum of psychedelic care expands to include drugs like MDMA and psilocybin, so will the need to continually establish and optimize the therapeutic protocols and “set and setting” in which they take place. By optimizing these important factors in the psychedelic therapy treatment model, the team at Field Trip Health is poised to provide patients with the best possible healing experience 

Key Takeaway #3: Triaging Therapies & Tailoring Customized Care 


As the “psychedelic toolkit” expands to include a wider array of compounds, triaging therapies and tailoring customized care for patients will become increasingly important. The future will likely expand beyond the use of ketamine to include the use of drugs like MDMA and psilocybin in therapy, each with their own powerful advantages and disadvantages. Determining which modalities of treatment are ideal for which patients will consequently become more important than ever before. 


For instance, both psilocybin and ketamine have shown remarkable promise in the treatment of severe depression. Which therapy then would be the ideal first step for an acutely suicidal patient? For immediate treatment, the current evidence would suggest ketamine therapy due to its rapid-antidepressant action and short duration of effects compared to psilocybin. However, to make an even more profound and lasting impact, perhaps that same patient may benefit from psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy after receiving ketamine infusions. It is these questions that the clinical leadership team at Field Trip Health is asking and working to answer through cutting-edge techniques like genetic testing. They are excited about the full spectrum of options to be available to patients in the coming years. 

Psychedelic toolkit MDMA Psilocybin Therapy


The team at Field Trip Health is committed to providing evidence-based, legal psychedelic therapies to help the world heal from depression. In his presentation, Levy interestingly describes ketamine as the vanguard or “trojan horse” that has helped break open the possibility of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Indeed, the emerging portrait of mental healthcare is rapidly metamorphosing from the revival of the psychedelic renaissance. Levy and his team at Field Trip are committed to advancing these therapies by optimizing all parts of the psychedelic therapy model. This comprehensive approach is sure to establish them as industry leaders.  


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