PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways from the EHave, Inc. Presentation at Psychedelic Capital

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The field of digital therapeutics is a critical part of the emerging psychedelic renaissance. One company aiming to improve the standard of care in psychedelic medicine by developing therapeutics to prevent or treat brain disorders is Ehave, Inc. The team at EHave intends to optimize the prevention and treatment of neurological disorders through the use of digital therapeutics, devices, and other therapies at their intersection with psychedelic medicine. Here are three key takeaways from their presentation at our last Psychedelic Capital event. 

Key Takeaway #1: Data Collection is a Fundamental Part of Successful Psychedelic Therapy

Cutting-edge data collection tools are projected to be an integral part of the emerging psychedelic medicine space. As the number of clinical trials involving psychedelic compounds increases, so does the sheer volume of patient data that needs managing. The team at Ehave is helping optimize this data collection, integration and management process by using the latest technology, such as blockchain, to develop versatile data sets for patients and clinicians alike. The team at Ehave is ready to provide their advanced data collection and management tools to a variety of players in the psychedelic medicine space, from clinics to plant-medicine retreats.

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Key Takeaway #2: SmartCap Contracts Will Allow Opportunities For Consumers To Sell Their Personal Data

Ehave and other competitors are soon going to offer out opportunities for consumers to sell or be part of selling their data. Since most of their data is HIPAA compliant, you own your data. Thus, for someone to use that, they need your permission. For instance, if a company is seeking data from a 50-year white male with diabetes, then a patient who meets those requirements is able to share their personal data and share in some of that capital. The main product Ehave features is their Telemetry Portal, which is a mental health informatics platform that allows clinicians to make objective and intelligent decisions through data insights. As the biotechnology sector expands through the integration of psychedelic medicine, such patient data will become increasingly more valuable. The team at Ehave aims to ensure that patients who own that data have the right to sell it, if they choose to.

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Key Takeaway #3: The Rise of Telemedicine & Its Implications for Mental Healthcare

The recent explosion of telemedicine platforms significantly highlights the need for better data management–especially at the intersection of mental healthcare and psychedelic medicine. Earlier this month, Ehave announced signing a licensing agreement to enhance its telemedicine platform, advancing their mission to make medical records more portable. Additionally, Ehave, Inc. has recently finalized an agreement with Burst IQ for 1TB of transactions of the BlokChain per month! They intend to work with Burst IQ to develop video surveys with analysi for both COVID-19 and people taking psychedelics through onscreen questionnaires for the participants to answer.

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Looking Ahead for Ehave, Inc. 

From robust data collection tools to their versatile applications in telemedicine and psychedelic therapy, the team at Ehave, Inc. have some uniquely powerful assets to offer the burgeoning psychedelic space. This is certainly one company investors, and the world at large, should be paying attention to as we move into the dynamic new era that is psychedelic medicine. 


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