PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways from the Andromeda Entertainment Presentation at Psychedelic Capital

This dynamic presentation from Andromeda Entertainment is from our November 2020 edition of Psychedelic Capital. You can get FREE access to recordings here using discount code ‘PSYCAP’! To learn more about our amazing Psychedelic Capital sponsors, click here!


The intersection of technology and psychedelic medicine has presented fascinating opportunities for novel therapeutic endeavors. One company is pioneering the way forward in this space is Andromeda Entertainment. Their founder and CEO, Robin Arnott, described the team at Andromeda as being at the junction of well-being and interactive entertainment. He provided some fascinating insights into the ability video games have to heal us. Here are three key takeaways from their intriguing psychedelic capital presentation.   

Key Takeaway #1: Video Games Can Be Healing Interactions Instead of Distractions

Andromeda CEO Robin Arnott described video games as a “thoughtfully designed electronic feedback loop”. He went on to say that they “could drop somebody into a state of profound stillness in the same way psychedelics can”. In a press release published earlier this year, the Andromeda team stated, “early scientific evidence shows [their product] SoundSelf can induce brain activity akin to a psychedelic state”. Cleverly dubbed a “technodelic”, SoundSelf offers the user an immersive experience of wonder, vastness, and timelessness. In a time where many around the world feel alone and isolated, something like SoundSelf may be exactly what we all need. The hypnotic world of light and sound offered by SoundSelf is replete with swirling vortexes of color and described as “digital meditation”. Another unique element of the game is the fact the user’s experience is guided by his or her own voice. Together, they offer the user a new experience of themselves and the world around them–a truly powerful and underutilized tool in the therapeutic toolkit.

Click here to watch the Official SoundSelf Teaser!

andromeda entertainment technodelic psychedelic video game

Key Takeaway #2: B2C Foundation Keeps Fun A Central Part of the Andromeda Equation

One of the most compelling takeaways from Robin Arnott’s talk at Psychedelic Capital was how important the element of enjoying the experience was to Andromeda’s game design. Arnott described how various modern “digiceuticals” are not fun or entertaining, thereby lacking an engaging experience for the user. Arnott says what makes Andromeda unique is their B2C foundation of going straight to the consumer. Indeed, most of their revenue comes from their games going direct to platforms such as Oculus, Playstation and Steam. By producing games directly for the entertainment gaming community, Andromeda ensures optimal engagement value in their games. By truly capturing the users attention, Arnott describes the game is able to deliver maximum therapeutic effects. Their upcoming game design being designed to amplify the psychedelic effect replaces the VR component with AV Stimulation glasses. Arnott describes it as being virtually irresistible. These exciting developments certainly make Andromeda an important company to keep an eye on.

andromeda entertainment technodelic psychedelic video game

Key Takeaway #3: Andromeda is Working With Usona to Develop Best Practices to Utilize SoundSelf in Therapy 

As the psychedelic renaissance continues to progress, the need to establish best practices across the industry is critical. Arnott describes how the team at Andromeda is working with the pioneers at the Usona Institute to develop best practices to utilize SoundSelf in the clinical and therapeutic setting. Arnott states that the powerfully immersive experience provided by SoundSelf induces states of unity, such as psilocybin mushrooms. Thus, utilizing such powerful tools in the therapy setting requires comprehensive research and planning. SoundSelf is currently projected to support psychedelic therapists in three main ways: 

  1. Preparation: Safely introducing people to psychedelic states where a trained therapist can monitor and preview their client’s response. 
  2. In-Session: Amplify the effects of a low-dose psychedelic drug (particularly ketamine)
  3. Integration: SoundSelf has been found to reactivate recent psychedelic experiences, which is useful for integrating breakthroughs weeks, or even months after a session. 

Arnott describes SoundSelf as a tool to use in conjunction with psychedelic therapy, not in lieu of it. The highly interactive and powerful tool that is SoundSelf fits effectively within the psychedelic therapy model. By working with Usona, the team at Andromeda is sure to make great strides in establishing best practices for not just their product, but perhaps the greater technodelic industry soon to emerge.

andromeda entertainment technodelic psychedelic video game

A Look Ahead for Andromeda Entertainment 

Arnott describes that as the user base of virtual reality is growing, so is the community Andromeda is building. By combining their engaging games with the element of therapy, Andromeda is opening up to much bigger opportunities when it comes to revenue. As the psychedelic renaissance continues to bring forward creative new models of therapy, the team at Andromeda is certainly poised to make a massive impact.

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