PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways from the Entheon Biomedical Presentation at the March 2021 Psychedelic Capital Conference

In the realm of psychedelic research, one powerful molecule has some particularly favorable benefits to its clinical use, and that’s exactly Entheon Biomedical’s approach towards using it. DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, is the primary component of the Amazonian hallucinogenic brew, ayahuasca, it is also produced endogenously in our bodies during birth, near-death experiences, in small quantities during our dreams, and at the moment of death. Here are three key takeaways from Entheon Biomedical’s presentation at the March 2021 edition of Psychedelic Capital.

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Key Takeaway #1: There are Several Unique Advantages towards Entheon’s Approach Towards Using DMT for Substance Abuse Treatment

While Dr. Ko highly acknowledged the myriad benefits of compounds like psilocybin and LSD, he pointed out that their long duration of psychoactive action prohibits mass access across to all the people who need it. DMT is unique in that it provides no less profound experiences in significantly shorter periods of time (minutes over hours), allowing facilitators to treat more patients who need it. Selection, use, dosing, and safety are everything and of incredible importance to the Entheon team. Since DMT is a naturally produced compound within the human body that includes a complex MAO enzyme system to break it down, the Entheon team is confident in its hypothesized safety profile. The body is well versed, naturally, on how to work with and clear this compound–and this is a significant point of advantage for the Entheon team. The utility of DMT as a psychedelic compound offers deep and powerful insights on the order of minutes over hours with the level of intensity easily altered by clinicians. All these advantages put Entheon ahead of the pack when it comes to DMT therapeutics.

Psychedelic Capital Entheon Biomedical PsyCap DMT

Key Takeaway #2: Entheon Has a Deeply Personal Stake in Substance Use Disorder Treatment & Addiction Treatment

In a poignant Psychedelic Capital moment, Dr. Timothy Ko discussed how on this day, two years prior, his brother passed away from a drug overdose. Furthermore, he deeply expressed how this loss propelled him to explore more novel, more robust, and more effective therapies for substance use disorder. With opiate addiction reaching far and wide today, claiming countless lives, the need for better treatments is greater than ever. Dr. Ko hopes to fill this gap with DMT treatment so others don’t have to face the type of loss he has with his brother. His powerful words at Psychedelic Capital expressed clearly his desire to help others deal with the brutal impact of drug addiction and provide a clearer path to sustainable recovery today.

Psychedelic Capital Entheon Biomedical PsyCap DMT

Key Takeaway #3: The Entheon Team Sets a High Bar for Clinical Trials & Drug Development

The intersection of cutting-edge biotechnology and psychedelic science is certainly producing some fascinating applications. The integrated and multidisciplinary approach taken by Entheon Biomedical includes genetic testing, biometric, and biomarker testing using EEG measurements in the selection of patients. The team was clear to state a “basis of objectivity and empiricism” is needed to adhere to. Establishing safety and efficacy is paramount to the team of veteran scientists and biopharma entrepreneurs. DMT has certainly been suggested to be safe and effective and its endogenous production in the human body supports this theory. The Entheon team is ready to partner with Big Pharma to drive novel DMT compounds through the extensive drug development pipeline. They are conscious of genetics and the role they play in our health. Moving away from a “one-size-fits-all” treatment paradigm, the Entheon team is ready to revolutionize addiction treatment.

Psychedelic Capital Entheon Biomedical PsyCap DMT

A Look Ahead for Entheon Biomedical

While other psychedelic companies are projected to wait several years before becoming revenue positive, the Entheon team proudly stated they aim to be revenue positive in just months. They are pleased to partner with Psygen Labs, which is currently producing their GMP DMT. As the psychedelic renaissance gives birth to a slew of novel mental health treatments, the team at Entheon is certainly ahead of the pack with exciting new treatments on the horizon–especially when it comes to substance abuse treatment.

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