PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways From Aion Therapeutic Inc.’s Psychedelic Capital Presentation 

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The current psychedelic renaissance is ripe with innovation and creativity. As psychedelic medicine expands into the mainstream, one company poised to make a massive impact in the space with their patent-protected combinatorial formulations of cannabis and medicinal mushrooms is Aion Therapeutic Inc (Ticker: AION). Spearheaded by the critically acclaimed Dr. Stephen Barnhill, the team at Aion is using novel AI techniques to isolate and combine the most important healing compounds in medicinal mushrooms and cannabis to create radically effective new disease treatments. To gain deeper insights into Aion’s exciting venture into plant-based healing, here are three key takeaways from their engaging talk at Psychedelic Capital given by their CEO, Graham Simmonds and their Executive Chairman, Dr. Stephen Barnhill himself.

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Key Takeaway #1: Combining Artificial Intelligence & Plant Medicines To Produce Novel Therapeutic Formulations

Unlocking the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant is a complex process given the sophisticated nature of the entourage effect. Nevertheless, this has been the focus of Dr. Barnhill’s work through the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Recognized worldwide for his medicinal cannabis formulations, Dr. Barnhill and the team at Aion are now applying this concept to medicinal and psychedelic mushrooms to create novel therapeutic formulations containing both mushrooms and cannabis. In his September 3rd PsyCap talk, Dr. Barnhill mentions how many illnesses treated with cannabis, such as neuropsychiatric conditions like depression and anxiety, can be treated with medicinal mushrooms as well. That’s why identifying the most therapeutic elements of both cannabis and medicinal mushrooms to create powerfully new, synergistic treatments for a variety of illnesses is the current focus of the Aion team. As psychedelic medicine is further integrated into modern pharmacopeia, the need to better understand the complex therapeutic mechanisms of medicinal and entheogenic plants is greater than ever before. Dr. Barnhill, a 35-year board certified physician in clinical pathology and laboratory medicine and inventor on over 40 patents, is excited to bring his deep clinical insights to this venture. The group at Aion are pioneering the way forward with cutting-edge technology and a dynamic clinical team with a documented track record of success. 

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Key Takeaway #2: Aion’s Fully Licensed Clinics in Jamaica Give Them a Massive Advantage

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Jamaica is one of the few countries, if not the only country, where psilocybin mushrooms have remained, in the words of Dr. Barnhill, “as legal as mangoes”. He discusses how his clinic is located in the one place in the world where they can add mushroom ingredients to cannabis ingredients to create new products and file patents on those formulations early. Since most of the rest of the world is still legally limited in their ability to work with schedule I compounds like cannabis and psilocybin, Dr. Barnhill’s fully licensed Jamaica location puts his team at a huge advantage–especially when it comes to establishing IP. This offers AION a huge head start on developing an intellectual property portfolio around these compounds and positions them to be a powerful leader in the emerging psychedelic medicine space. 


Key Takeaway #3: AION Has Secured Their First Five Blocking Patents Using Cannabis & Mushrooms

mushrooms cannabis blocking patent cancer diabetes obesity mental illness inflammation

Perhaps one of the most exciting elements of Aion’s talk at Psychedelic Capital is Dr. Barnhill’s discussion of their first five blocking patents using strategic formulations of cannabis and medicinal mushrooms. These include combinatorial pharmaceutical formulations indicated for cancer, obesity, psychiatric illnesses, inflammatory and antiviral conditions. When it comes to cancer alone, their team already has 24 formulations ready to be tested in 3D cell culture across ten different cancer cell lines and using nine different concentrations. Dr. Barnhill states that he expects to have very good data showing that the combination of anti-cancer compounds in mushrooms, when combined with the anticancer compounds in cannabis, are much more effective than either one alone. They are even able to test their formulations against a patient’s tumor to identify the optimal formulation to help them fight their specific cancer– “true personalized medicine,” says Dr. Barnhill. And while Dr. Barnhill’s cancer research certainly is exciting, it is only one condition among five being targeted by these patents. Combined with their ability to conduct clinical research using cannabis and psilocybin in their Jamaica clinic, the team at AION is sure to make an impact with their first five patented mushroom and cannabis formulations.  


The ability to take thousands of pieces of information and distill it down to patentable formulations that are specific for these diseases is a powerful one and a cornerstone of the team at Aion Therapeutic Inc. The widely varying chemical profiles and pharmacological actions of plants like cannabis and the various medicinal mushrooms requires a cutting-edge technological approach and an experienced team–both key features of the team at Aion. This significant undertaking by the Aion team is poised to revolutionize healthcare and our general understanding of combinatorial pharmacology. This is certainly a company that investors and the world at large should keep an eye on as the psychedelic revolution continues onward.


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