Psychedelic Capital is Back: A Dynamic Investment Conference Spotlighting Industry Leaders


The month of October has seen some dramatic developments in the emerging psychedelic capital markets. From Cybin Corp announcing the closing of Canada’s largest go-public financing in the psychedelic sector to Numinus completing their first legal psilocybin harvest, there’s no shortage of big news in the psychedelic sector. Luckily, you don’t have to stop at the headlines. You can join luminaries from all the top companies pioneering psychedelic progress in our monthly Psychedelic Capital conference series.  

October’s dynamic conference will consist of lively exhibitions from our sponsors, including Stacey Wallin and Payton Nyquvest of Numinus Inc., Jeremy Weate of Universal Ibogaine, and Garyn Angel of Magical Brands

Psychedelic Capital gold standard investment

This month’s conference has another all-start list of dignified speakers, including Dr. Jeremy Weate, Chief Executive Officer of Universal Ibogaine, Dr. Carlos Alvear, Medical Director of Inscape Recovery, Kimberly Adams of Lyt Marketing, Mitchell Osak of Quanta Consulting, Cody Shandraw of Ambria Capital, Dr. Jayashree Mitra of Zuber Lawler, and Richard Skaife and Henri Sant-Cassia of The Conscious Fund.

psychedelic capital october gold standard investment

This online event programming is dedicated to providing investment grade information for the nascent psychedelic sector and presents a curated group of CEOs, financial experts, thought leaders and investment luminaries from around the globe. Previous events have featured presentations by influential firms in the burgeoning psychedelic sector.

The conference features dynamic 20 minute presentations followed by an engaging 10 minute Q&A session where the audience can interact with panelists from across the psychedelic spectrum. With experts and thought leaders hailing from the top companies in the space, you can be sure to enjoy deep insights and commentary at the cutting edge of the psychedelic renaissance. 


psychedelic capital october gold standard investment

This month’s event will explore the intriguing intersection between psychedelic medicine and addiction treatment with leading experts in psychedelic medicine–particularly in the Ibogaine space. Thought leaders like Mitchell Osak and Cody Shandraw will also be discussing due diligence and best practices for practitioners in the emerging industry. As the psychedelic renaissance continues its remarkable progress, the need for deeper insights into the investment landscape is more important than ever before. This monthly virtual conference is aimed at providing quality information about psychedelics from industry experts and thought leaders.


October’s Psychedelic Capital event is sure to intrigue, inform and inspire. Grab your free tickets here and get ready to become a more educated psychedelic investor today! 

Can’t make the live show? No worries. If you grab a ticket, you’ll have access to the recordings which will be available post-event.

psychedelic capital october gold standard investment

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