June 2020

Psychedelic Capital

Our sponsors for this month were Field Trip Health, HAVN Life, Mindset Pharma, and Pure Extracts Corp. If you would like to learn more about one or all of these companies, feel free to use the below links and contact information to reach out directly to the IR contact from each company.

Field Trip Health, the world’s first mental wellness company of its kind, is redefining mental health with groundbreaking psychedelic therapies that deliver unparalleled healing experiences.

Through our best-in-class Field Trip Health Centers providing psychedelic therapies, and Field Trip Discovery, our drug development division developing the next generation of psychedelic molecules, we help people through an integrated, evidence-based way to heal and heighten engagement with the world.

Havn Life is creating standardized formulas using psychoactive compounds for scientific research and natural health care products for human performance.

Havn Labs will support innovative therapies addressing human health through the development of methods for standardization and the extraction of quality-controlled compounds derived from plants and fungi. Havn Retail will be formulating evidence-informed natural health supplements from non-regulated compounds.

Contact Info

Natasha Kumari



Mindset Pharma is a drug discovery business focused on creating novel and patentable psychedelic compounds for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs and domain experts in drug development and medicinal chemistry and based in Toronto, Canada, Mindset is assembling a proprietary library of transformative psychedelic intellectual property designed to address chronic neuropsychiatric disorders efficiently and safely.

Their goal is to provide less toxic and potentially life-saving mental health interventions for people who are already using medications to treat mental health disorders. Through expedited efficacy trials, and drug development/ research and development intellectual property, Mindset hopes to pursue efficacy trials for psilocybin analogs to determine the best use-cases for psychedelic intervention. The goal is to provide long-lasting mental health relief and provide alternatives to existing pharma options.

Pure Extracts Corp. is positioned to enter the commercial cannabis, hemp and functional mushroom extraction sector as an experienced producer. With a team of qualified experts in the space and cutting-edge CO2 and ethanol extraction technology, the Company is set up for long-term strategic distribution and product innovation.

The Company’s facility, located in Pemberton, BC, is built for EU-GMP certification (allowing for international sales) and aims to produce high quality, high purity formulations on a commercial scale. Solvent-free, scalable production allows the Company to efficiently develop and deliver its Pure Pulls brand, white-label formulations and tolling services to its customer base.

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