Highlights & Insights From The Second Annual Psilocybin Summit

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The revival of psychedelic science and research has shifted significant global attention to psilocybin, the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms”. Thanks to pioneers in psychedelic research, such as Johns Hopkins University, Usona Institute, and The Imperial College London, the world at large is beginning to realize the powerful therapeutic potential these fungi have to offer us. In a groundbreaking four day online summit hosted by Mt. Tam Integration, over 30 experts explored the myth, magic and science behind psilocybin. From its role in ancient Mazatec culture to the emerging role of psilocybin as a treatment for treatment-resistant depression, PTSD and addiction, the 2020 Psilocybin Summit was a comprehensive expedition into the magical psilocybe cubensis mushroom. This guide will explore some highlights from the recent event. 

Psilocybin Summit 2020 Psychedelic Medicine Depression Death Anxiety

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Exploring the Significance of Psilocybin Culture & Ceremony

Magic mushrooms have played a fundamental role in human evolution, particularly in a ceremonial setting for healing and psychospiritual growth. The ritual use of mushrooms for spiritual purposes dates back to time immemorial and has significant implications on modern psilocybin usage. Several experts spoke to the aspects of culture, ceremony and cultivation at this year’s psilocybin summit, including world renowned mycologist, medical researcher and entrepreneur, Paul Stamets and psychedelic pioneer, Dennis McKenna! Other notable speakers that offered their deep insights on this collection of topics included Dr. Jerry Brown and his wife, Julie Brown, the Coauthors of “The Psychedelic Gospels”, esoteric author, Julian Vayne, DanceSafe representative, Mohawk Greene, Double Blind Co-Founder, Madison Margolin and Mazatec native, Inti García. The cultural and indigenous roots of entheogenic-based therapy is a significant topic of conversation in the industry today as the need for diversity and inclusion are important for true progress. All these speakers and more did a wonderful job illustrating the culturally rich and colorfully diverse history of the magic mushroom and the value these stories have on its emerging role in society. 


Research Clinical Trials Psilocybin Summit 2020 Psychedelic Medicine Depression Death Anxiety 

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A Deep Dive Into Psilocybin Cultivation 


There has been special attention recently in providing education on the optimal cultivation of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. One particularly comprehensive talk that mushroom cultivating enthusiasts won’t want to miss is the one by James McConchie, owner and founder of Haight Street Shroom Shop. From the best recipes to optimizing your home grow setup, McConchie provides a stellar presentation on all things mushroom cultivation! Of course, expats like Terri-Pauline Smith of the Association of Mushroom Producers and Nick Murray of Wake Network also have deep insights to provide. 


mushroom cultivation Psilocybin Summit 2020 Psychedelic Medicine Depression Death Anxiety

A Modern Scientific & Clinical Snapshot of Psilocybin 

The new studies coming forth on the therapeutic value of psilocybin is powerfully shifting the global perception of psychedelic mushrooms and their value to humanity. From the groundbreaking clinical trials taking place at Johns Hopkins Center for Consciousness & Psychedelic Research to cutting-edge science and development being conducted by Usona, The Imperial College of London, Psygen and other pioneering organizations, psilocybin is finally getting the attention it deserves.


The psilocybin summit featured an incredible amount of scientific and clinical insight from leading scientists, clinicians, journalists and more. 


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Paul Stamet’s Offers a Deep Dive Into Psilocybin Science & Research


Particularly compelling was Paul Stamet’s discussion about how psilocybin helps re-establish communication between different parts of the brain while also quieting the “fear response” in the amygdala. Furthemore, his explanation of how psilocybin actually binds to 5HT2a serotonin receptors four times more strongly than endogenous serotonin itself was uniquely interesting. Stamet’s describes these and other psychedelic compounds as “novelty generators”–compounds that help us find the beauty and inherent value in our lives and the world around us. 

clinical trial psilocybin research Stamet’s also describes psychedelic mushrooms as “deconditioning agents”, which help facilitate new patterns to arise. Indeed, recent studies that show their effectiveness in smoking cessation and alcoholism are a clear reflection of this. Finally, as a clinical biologist myself, I couldn’t help but resonate with Stamet’s exploration of the potential evolutionary mechanisms as they relate to psilocybin. His description of how magic mushrooms, at lower doses, increase “edge detection”, thereby enhancing the ability to detect prey, has profound implications on the modern practice of “microdosing”, which may not be so “modern” after all. Stamets dedicated his talk to the indigenous and First Nation people–highlighting the importance of paying homage to the cultural roots of these mushrooms.

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A Clinically Introspective Analysis of Depression, Death & Fear Dissolution 

Perhaps some of the most compelling clinical literature about the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin revolve around its use in severe treatment-resistant depression as well as end-of-life anxiety in terminally ill patients. The groundbreaking success witnessed in these patients who are facing such challenging realities is radically shifting the public perception of psychedelic medicine across the globe. Engaging talks by notable figures, such as Dr. Margaret Ross, a senior clinical psychologist and researcher in psychosocial cancer care and palliative medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne offered unique insight into the use of psilocybin for terminally ill patients suffering from depression and anxiety. 


death anxiety psilocybin ego death

Dr. Ross describes a “spiritual injury” palliative patients often face that current treatments fail to address. She expertly describes how drugs like benzodiazepines fail to serve as effective long-term treatments, highlighting the need for better modalities of care. “This is where psilocybin enters the picture,” says Dr. Ross, who is also the chief principle investigator for Australia’s first psychedelic assisted therapy study, investigating psilocybin for death anxiety in terminally ill patients. Her explanation about the origins of psilocybin therapy in terminally patients today beginning with the clinical use of LSD as a pain reliever in cancer patients was particularly fascinating. The ability of psilocybin and psychedelic medicine to facilitate humanity to reframe their relationship with death highlights the importance of people like Dr. Ross and other researchers in this field. Dr. Ross says that while there is no easy or elegant way to die, patients are able to change their relationship to their dying body and feel a greater connection to something bigger, allowing them to derive meaning from it and form a different relationship with death. While there are countless gems spread throughout this year’s psilocybin summit, these deep, honest and insightful discussions about fear and death make the recordings invaluable just by themselves. 


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Psilocybin & Social Equity: Can Mushrooms Help Society Heal From Racism?

The connection of the magic mushroom to ancient and indigenous culture is of unique importance to its role as a healer in modern society. Notions of connectedness and oneness with each other and nature are cornerstones of the psychedelic experience–and psilocybin is no different. Several speakers at the 2020 Psilocybin Summit explored the intersection between magic mushrooms and societal illnesses such as racism. 


equality psilocybin racism healing

Engaging speakers, such as “Coyote Woman” Kanyon Sayers-Roods and Mazin Jamal, Founder of Holistic Underground, stated that, “if you are engaging with sacred plant medicine, there’s an element of leadership involved”. Indeed, compassionate leadership is a fundamental part of the path forward in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and for the world at large. Powerful commentary by these experts helped shed important light on the powerful ability of plants like psilocybin to help the modern world heal from the wounds of racism, hatred and inequality. 

Coyote Woman” Kanyon Sayers-Roods and Mazin Jamal, Founder of Holistic Underground


Also featured in this cultural commentary were psychedelic icons like Dennis McKenna and Ayana Iyi. Podcast personalities Shane Mauss (Host of the Here We Are Podcast) and Myq Kaplan (Host of the Broccoli and Ice Cream Podcast) were also there to shine light on the value of comedy and laughter in psychedelic culture.  

A lively discussion exploring the use of comedy in psychedelic communication ft. Myq Kaplan, Shane Mauss & Kristina Davis!

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Looking Ahead to the Evolving Role of Psilocybin in Modern Society 

looking ahead psilocybin therapy clinical research

As the clinical landscape of modern healthcare rapidly evolves through the reintegration of psychedelic medicine, the role of psilocybin and medicinal mushrooms is an impactful one. Through summits like these, the sharing of powerful ideas by influential thought leaders and pioneers can facilitate genuine change in our society. We are grateful to Daniel, founder of Mt. Tam Integration, for putting together such a spectacular event!

Psilocybin Summit 2020
Daniel Shankin, Founder of Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration


If you missed the event, we can’t recommend checking out the recordings highly enough. Our wonderful partners at Mt. Tam Integration are offering 10% off full-access to high-resolution videos of the entire summit. Simply click the link below:


For 10% off full access to the 2020 Psilocybin Summit full-length recordings, click here and use code “MICRO” at checkout!  


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