Numinus Bioscience’s Completes First Ever Legal Harvest of Magic Mushrooms

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The Canadian biotech firm Numinus Bioscience’s announced they have completed their first legal harvest of psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms. They are the first public company in Canada to accomplish this historic feat under its Health Canada-issued Controlled Drugs and Substances Dealer’s License. This exciting development arrives on the heels of other notable advancements in the emerging mushroom therapeutics industry, including Cybin Corp.’s closing of Canada’s largest go-public financing ever in the psychedelic sector

Cutting-Edge Science & Highly-Experienced Leadership: The Numinus Strategy 


The innovative team at Numinus is pioneering the path forward in psychedelics with a powerful combination of cutting-edge science and highly-experienced leadership. Their cutting-edge 7,000 square foot analytic and research laboratory is fully equipped to handle various psychedelic substances. The scientific team at Numinus is developing powerful analytical testing methods and novel formulations for the nascent psychedelic space. In addition to their notable R&D efforts, the Numinus team advisory board features such dignitaries as renowned ethnopharmacologist, Dennis McKenna

The team also announced the recent appointment of Sharan Sidhu, regulatory expert and policy advisor for restrictive high growth industries, as Science Officer and General Manager at Numinus. Her extensive experience between academia, industry and policy makes her a powerful leader for the accomplished scientific research team at Numinus. These exciting developments in R&D and leadership structure at Numinus positions them at a significant advantage in the emerging psychedelic medicine sector.

Numinus Biosciences First Ever Mushroom Harvest

Numinus Amends Health Canada License to Permit Sale of Psilocybe Mushroom 

In addition to completing their first legal mushroom harvest, the Numinus team also successfully amended their Health Canada-issued Controlled Drugs and Substances License to permit the sale of Psilocybe mushroom fruiting bodies. This allows the team to expand beyond the testing, import and export, storage and distribution of compounds like MDMA, Psilocybin, Psilocin, DMT and Mescaline. Numinus will now be permitted to sell the magic mushroom fruiting bodies and extract for clinical research protocols and the development of standardized testing techniques for additional psychedelic substances.  

As the number of clinical trials investigating the therapeutic uses of psilocybin continues to grow, so does the need for establishing a steady psilocybin supply chain. The team at Numinus is eager to provide well-characterized and standardized extracts of natural forms of psilocybin for the industry at large to conduct research with. 

Numinus Biosciences First Ever Mushroom Harvest

Dennis McKenna Explores the Demand for Natural Psilocybin

In a report released this morning, the established ethnopharmacologist shared deep insights into the role of natural psilocybin in the emerging space. He states that,

“While there is a place for synthetic psilocybin in clinical practice, well-characterized and standardized extracts of natural forms of psilocybin i.e., mushrooms, cultivated and processed under stringent quality control protocols, are the wave of the future as therapeutic psilocybin gains acceptance. Given a choice, many people would prefer the option to use natural psilocybin. Mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine for literally thousands of years, and hence, they are just that much closer to these ancient traditions. Natural mushroom extracts are also likely to be far more affordable compared to synthetic psilocybin, and that is an important consideration when it comes to ensuring accessibility to this medicine which can be so beneficial to many people. Cost should not be a barrier to access these medicines, and the use of mushroom extracts will help ensure those who need them most can benefit from psilocybin therapies.” ~Dennis McKenna, Ethnopharmacologist

Indeed, the focus on indigenous cultures and practices is an important one being spotlighted by luminaries like McKenna and Paul Stamets. The ability to provide high-quality, natural psilocybin is the mission of the Numinus team–and they are well on their way.

Numinus Biosciences First Ever Mushroom Harvest

A Look Ahead for the Dynamic Numinus Biosciences

Between their deeply diverse leadership experience and powerful scientific research team, Numinus is poised to make a massive impact on the emerging psychedelic medicine space. The Vancouver-based healthcare company is on the forefront of the emerging psychedelic medicine industry, helping pioneer a way forward as these therapies gain social acceptance. The Numinus team is sure to announce more exciting news in the coming months as their research efforts progress. Make sure to stay tuned to Microdose for the latest updates on this story and more!

Numinus Biosciences First Ever Mushroom Harvest

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