The Conscious Acquisition Company Announces the 
First Psychedelic Medicine Focused SPACs

Exchange Listing, LLC and The Conscious Fund announce their partnership and the creation of The Conscious Acquisition Company. The new venture is a range of Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPACs) aimed to create long-term value in psychedelic medicine.

The pioneering SPACs will take a thematic approach and focus on psychedelic medicine companies with clear paths to revenues that can create sustainable shareholder value. The group is targeting clinic operators, retreat centers, biopharma companies and the technology sectors. They intend to provide stewardship, scale, access to capital and liquidity.

The Conscious Acquisition Company’s team includes proven experience at creating, scaling and financing businesses within the psychedelic medicine sector. This blend of operational and capital markets expertise provides a unique mix of skills in the identification, acquisition and nurturing of companies in the nascent but expanding sector.

Peter Goldstein, the co-founder and Chairman of Exchange Listing, commented, “The psychedelic medicine sector is clearly going to transform the healthcare landscape and we are excited to be launching the first psychedelic medicine SPACs.”

Richard Skaife, a co-founding partner at The Conscious Fund, explained, “We have been working towards a long term partnership since the earliest days of the next generation of psychedelic medicine, and we believe The Conscious Acquisition Company will present founders and investors a highly innovative route to accessing the public markets.”

We sat down with Richard for a Q&A on this announcement.

So for those that don’t know, what’s a SPAC?
A SPAC is a registered IPO, that is created and formed by private equity sponsors and uses its capital to buy a private company, thereby taking a private company public through a reverse merger.

What’s it used for?
A SPAC is a financing technique that uses an M&A transaction to get a private company public. It enables retail investors and public investors to participate in private equity transactions.

Who are The Conscious Acquisition Company?
It’s a joint venture between The Conscious Fund and Exchange Listing aimed to create long-term value in psychedelic medicine. Our combined capital market expertise and domain experience set us up to build out a significant portfolio of public companies in the same way The Conscious Fund has built one of the largest private portfolios.

Why is this a big deal for psychedelic medicine?
Our approach is to provide private companies with the ability to access growth capital and to become publicly traded with partners who understand the public markets. This delivers value for founders & investors at all of the investing stages. Additionally, we provide investors new ways to deploy capital into the psychedelic medicine market with the knowledge that the capital will flow into liquid assets that The Conscious Acquisition Company has acquired using its deep domain experience.

What companies are you looking to buy?
We are creating thematic SPACs that will work across many psychedelic verticals. The primary areas of focus for our SPACs will be in clinics, drug discovery, technology and support businesses. We are looking for companies with revenues or clear routes to revenue who are category-leading.

The Conscious Fund invests in global early-stage ventures in psychedelic medicine, helping deliver better outcomes for mental health, addiction, and pain. As the most active VC fund in the category driven by our unique platform approach – TCF has backed numerous companies that have gone from seed to publicly traded in under 12 months.

Exchange Listing was formed to provide growth companies with direct access to a one-stop solution in the strategic planning and implementation of listing on a senior exchange such as NASDAQ or NYSE in the most cost-effective and efficient process available.

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