Nature: An Incredible Inspiration for Modern Mental Illness Medicines

Natural products inspire modern medicine daily including MagicMed’s unique approach to developing and screening psychedelic-derivatives of naturally occurring molecules. 


MagicMed Industries Inc. is making significant strides in mental health therapeutic development. The company’s unique approach to developing and screening derivatives of naturally occurring psychedelic molecules has been pivotal in this process. Establishing their psilocybin-derivatives patent portfolio of the Psybrary™ and launching their Candidate Selection program has allowed MagicMed to begin streamlining their candidate development, manufacturing methods, and pharmacological data collection system. MagicMed’s efforts position them as leaders in aiding strategic partners in the development of effective and accessible psychedelic-derived treatment options for patients who lack suitable health solutions

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It is sometimes thought that, if something humans consume comes directly from nature, it must be the ideal nutrient, perfectly designed for human use. In some contexts, such as food consumption, this idea has merit. As humans, we have evolved to optimally fuel our body with beneficial natural foods, including plants and animal products. However, when it comes to the use of naturally sourced molecules as pharmaceutical agents it’s important to realize that the inverse situation is generally in effect.  Rather than humans having evolved to make use of the natural molecule as a beneficial therapeutic agent, the source organism, usually a plant, has evolved to produce the molecule as a self-defence toxin.  

Plants, and other immobile organisms like fungi, are forced by their inability to physically escape predators to develop protection mechanisms like toxic compounds, which discourage predators from dining on them. The mechanism by which a toxic compound dissuades the predator species, in this case humans, relies upon negatively impacting an essential metabolic process within the predator’s body.  For example, there is a new concerning trend of people ingesting toxins excreted by toads. While ingesting these hallucinogenic agents is seen as a way to have a good time in some social circles, exposing oneself to these 100% natural products can cause side effects such as immobilization, convulsions and lead to more severe responses such as vomiting and even death. This comes as little surprise, as the purpose of the chemicals produced by this animal is a direct product of evolutionary pressure to develop protection mechanisms against predation. 

Research has found that, in certain settings, some natural molecules actually can provide some medical benefits alongside their toxic elements. By derivatizing the structure of those natural molecule to reduce undesirable side effects, pharmaceutical companies have managed go beyond the starting point that nature provided to create improved medical products.  In doing so, these companies have found ways to modify poisonous products into important and beneficial medicines that positively impact important systems within the human body while reducing the unwanted side effects of the original natural molecule. Some examples most people are familiar with include amoxicillin and paclitaxel. 

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Identifying and developing the best psychedelic molecules for many disease indications requires  the screening of many, generally hundreds or thousands, structural variants. Of the numerous thousands of drug candidates screened annually by big pharma, only a handful actually become medicines once their structural, biological and medicinal properties prove to be beneficial. Companies that are attempting to develop only one derivative or even 50 derivatives face an uphill battle due to their limited ability to generate data to construct the meaningful structure activity relationships required to produce the most effective, least toxic therapeutic candidates. By creating a rapid method to create and screen a large number of molecular derivatives, MagicMed has developed a streamlined system to produce numerous improved drug candidates. 

Through recent patent submissions, MagicMed has filed for the intellectual property rights covering approximately 125 million potential psychedelic molecule variants in hopes to identify and protect improved forms of the naturally occurring psilocybin and N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT). While they will surely not synthesize all of these, the candidate diversity within their library enhances their ability to screen sufficient numbers of variants and produce multiple high quality drug candidates. MagicMed’s approach to increasing the number of variants screened and enhancing data collection significantly improves the likelihood that only the best therapeutic compounds will be selected for development and, ultimately, improved the chances of being successfully brought to market.


MagicMed Industries’ big data processes and pharmacological screening approach provide the enabling support for identifying and synthesizing safe and efficacious medicines to benefit the greatest number of patients. The value that MagicMed’s approach is bringing lies within their focused approach to rapidly creating, assessing, and advancing novel and beneficial psychedelic-derived pharmaceutical candidates for their strategic industry partners. Nature, it seems, can be an excellent inspiration for human innovation in the medical realm.

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