Microdose Presents “Psychedelics & Sports”: Reaching for A Higher Frontier

Microdose is Pleased to Announce “Psychedelics & Sports”

Microdose is pleased to announce Psychedelics & Sports”, our pilot live Q&A panel for our new series Psychedelics & that celebrates the intersection of psychedelics and mainstream culture.  


Our inaugural panel will explore the pivotal role of psychedelics and professional sports by engaging with notable athletes who share their compelling personal stories. 

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Gain Deep Insights into Psychedelics by Elite Athletes

Designed for maximum engagement with a broad spectrum of interested audiences, Psychedelics & Sports creates an engaging space for you to directly interact with elite professional athletes about their personal experiences and insights about psychedelic drugs. 

This series will explore the intersection of professional sports and psychedelics, including potential clinical indications (e.g. trauma from sports injuries, LSD microdosing for pain over opioids, etc) and their potential uses for cognitive and possible “performance enhancement”.

psychedelics and sports professional athlete

Partial Proceeds From “Psychedelics &” Will Be Put Towards MicroDonations

At Microdose we believe in the power of incremental change to catalyze collective action towards a brighter future. We are pleased to announce that partial proceeds from our exciting new series, Psychedelics &, will go towards our Microdonations program to help achieve this goal.

MicroDonations is our centralized donation platform where 100% of donations are contributed to organizations promoting mental health in the psychedelic space. 

Additionally 25% of all revenue generated for Psychedelics & Sports will be donated to:

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An Overview of Our All-Star Psychedelics & Sports Lineup 

Daniel Carcilo: Former NHL Player | Chapter 5 Foundation

psychedelics and sports professional athlete

Daniel Carcillo is a two time Stanley Cup Champion and played 9 seasons in the National Hockey League. Daniel experienced emotional, sexual and physical trauma within hockey’s culture and battled mental health and addiction issues during and post career.

When he retired in 2015, after sustaining 7 concussions and due to Post Concussion Syndrome, he founded Chapter 5 Foundation, a charitable organization that helps athletes transition into life after the game. Daniel struggled with PCS symptoms like light sensitivity, slurred speech, insomnia, headaches and head pressure, impulse control issues, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts and traditional treatments did not work.

Daniel turned to traditional entheogenic plant and fungi ceremonies 10 months ago and credits their healing powers to saving his life. Daniel brought forth the Decriminalize Nature resolution to the city of Chicago, sits on the Decriminalize Nature National Advisory Board & the board of the Heroic Hearts Project, a registered 501(c)(3) non profit that connects military veterans struggling with mental trauma to ayahuasca therapy retreats, and has coordinated retreats with high level trauma communities coming together to collectively heal trauma.

Daniel’s mission is to use his platform to advocate for the responsible use of entheogenic plants and fungi, and aims to get awareness and equitable access to the veteran, first responder, neurodegenerative and mental illness communities.

psychedelics and sports professional athlete

Anna Symonds: WPL Rugby Player | Advocate & Ambassador

psychedelics and sports professional athlete

Anna Symonds is a USA Rugby Women’s Premier League (WPL) rugby player and the Director of Education for East Fork Cultivars. Her 20-year rugby career includes a USA Rugby Division I National Championship, selection to the USA National All-Star Competition, and a Sydney (Australia) Premiership Championship. She serves on the Oregon Cannabis Commission’s Research Leadership Subcommittee, and holds an MA in Communication.

Anna speaks regularly about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for elite athletes and everyday people, and spearheaded a petition to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), signed by more than 150 former professional athletes, to remove THC from its Prohibited Substances list. She is also an Ambassador for the nonprofits Athletes for CARE, Last Prisoner Project, and the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

psychedelics and sports professional athlete

Riley Cote: Former NHL Player | Athletes for Care

psychedelics and sports professional athlete

Riley Cote played 8 years of professional hockey including 4 with the Philadelphia Flyers. His hard style of play eventually took its toll on his physical and mental health, leading him to retire from playing in 2011 at the ripe age of 28. Afterwards, he committed to a life of healing, mental fitness and to the integration of different plant medicines in his recovery of post-concussion syndrome, PTSD and substance abuse issues. 

Riley embarked on a quest to use the sports platform to normalize and legitimize the use of all plant medicines and share his discoveries with the world.

Cote is a co-founder of Athletes For Care, a 501 c3 non-profit that allows him to continue pursuing his passion using his past experiences to help others find safe, nontoxic ways to find relief, manage pain and guide them to understand the world of self-healing.

Riley works with different organizations helping connect athletes, first responders and military veterans to clinical immersions while having a large focus on the integration component. Riley is also a partner in a hemp derived CBD recovery product line called BodyChek Wellness and is currently in the process of building out a hemp processing facility with a PA state university called Advanced Alchemy Labs.

psychedelics and sports professional athlete

Panel Agenda & Format:

As a platform designed to directly engage a broader audience, this panel series will embrace an interactive and engaging format. 


Nov 18th: 5:30-7:30 EST


  • Event Length: 2 Hours 
  • 60 Minutes: Guided Conversations / Organic Discussion With Panelists. 
  • 15 Minutes: Event Overview and Panelist Introductions. 
  • 45 minutes: Round table discussion. 
  • 60 Minutes: Interactive Audience Q&A 


Reserve a seat now to experience a new way to interface with other attendees and directly connect with panelists. 


Can’t make the live show? Don’t worry, we provide access to recordings for every ticket holder.


For those fascinated with the impact of psychedelics on our culture, Psychedelics & Sports offers a rare opportunity to gain profound insight from professionals peering over the edge. 



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