Microdose Heads to Vancouver to Film Next Chapter of “The World on Drugs”

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Microdose is pleased to announce we will be heading to Vancouver, British Columbia to start production for the next phase of our documentary, “The World on Drugs”, a bold commentary on global drug policy, psychedelic medicine and mental health. The Microdose team will be in Vancouver from November 1-10th to interview leading experts at the forefront of these issues.

Microdose Would Like to Thank Our Sponsor New Wave Holdings

We would like to thank our generous partners at New Wave Holdings Corp for sponsoring this stage of production. The team at New Wave Holdings believes in providing robust mental health treatments to the world and that psychedelics hold immense promise for humanity through this crucial moment in our history. Microdose is grateful for their support throughout the creation of this documentary.

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Pilot Footage for “The World on Drugs” Was Captured In Mexico

Pilot footage for the “The World on Drugs” was captured in Mexico where the Microdose team met with notable thought leaders, clinicians and psychedelic medicine providers. Footage from this included compelling stories from ibogaine providers, UN drug policy experts, holistic doctors providing robust plant based addiction treatment and much more. While Mexico has been one of the hardest hit countries by the War on Drugs, it is also rapidly becoming a hub for many to deeply heal from addiction, depression and other challenging conditions. The Microdose team was fortunate enough to capture powerfully personal stories of transformation, expert commentary on drug policy and cathartic moments that illustrate the human element to our current mental health crisis.

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Exploring The Opioid Epidemic in Vancouver

This next leg of our journey will unfold in Vancouver, another highly relevant location in this storyline. The sharp increase in opioid-related overdose deaths in B.C. highlights the urgent need for new treatments and policy, providing the unique opportunity to spotlight psychedelic medicine. The Microdose team will provide raw, compelling commentary on the fallout of the opioid epidemic in Vancouver as well as highlight the progressive measures the province is taking to tackle the crisis. From visiting injectable opioid clinics to speaking with leading medical experts at the forefront of the epidemic, this segment of the documentary is sure to intrigue, inform and inspire.  

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Spotlighting The Psychedelic Science Progress at Numinus 

While in Vancouver, we will be interviewing the dynamic team at Numinius, including world renowned physician and psychedelic expert, Dr. Gabor Maté. Since Numinus has recently completed their first legal psilocybin harvest, their progress in the space is important to bring attention to and a major highlight of our trip to British Columbia.

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Future Travel Plans For “The World on Drugs” 

The Microdose team intends to continue our journey by heading to Portugal, where full drug decriminalization provides fascinating insight into a potential, more progressive way forward. We also intend on going to Jamaica, another iconic location significantly impacted by the War on Drugs that is pioneering new mental health treatments. 

As our worldwide documentary filmmaking journey progresses, we hope to illuminate the potential of psychedelic medicine to disrupt the mental health crisis across the globe.” – Patrick Moher, Microdose CEO

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