Markets for Mar 5: $PULL +1.30%, $MMED -13.54%, $BETR -0.7%

The psychedelics for medicines community has a lot to look forward to this year with the amendments provided to the federal license of Numinus Wellness to expand their research work with a wider set of psychedelics, the whole community certainly hopes this kind of support by the Government is the first of many. Though markets have been clearly in red this week, much due to the negative sentiment because of the Wall Street stocks taking a plunge, experts say there would be pockets of opportunity in the coming weeks.

A piece of personal industry news, we’re excited to release the IP & Patents Report, the inaugural business and data intelligence report from Microdose. This report provides vital information regarding intellectual property and the patentability of novel psychedelic drugs, delivery mechanisms, and more.

Thank you to Zuber Lawler, Psilocybin Alpha, and Calyx Law for contributing content towards this important endeavour, and thank you to our sponsors who are featured in this report: MagicMed, Zuber Lawler, Mydecine, Psygen, Numinus, and Universal Ibogaine.

We have kept this very insightful report, compiled by the industry leaders FREE for you. So make sure to download it here.

Here’s a summary of this week’s news:

Regulatory approvals place Numinus lab at the forefront of global psychedelics research

Numinus Bioscience received amendments to its federal license to allow the possession, production, assembly, sale, export, & delivery of a wide variety of psychedelics including Ketamine & LSD.

MagicMed Industries Announces Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence Thought Leaders and the Launch of PsyAI™
PsyAI is a tool designed to provide comprehensive, pharmaceutical design, manufacturing, pharmacology predictive, and validating methodologies in an effort to modernize psychedelic medicine.

Silo Wellness Commences Trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange Under Ticker Symbol “SILO”
Douglas K. Gordon, Chief Executive Officer of Silo Wellness says, “By listing on the CSE, investors will now be able to participate in the growth of Silo Wellness as we execute on our business model in Oregon, Jamaica and beyond.”

MEC signs RTO definitive agreement to acquire Albert Labs, a European psychedelic drug researcher & developer
ME Resource Corp. has signed a definitive agreement with Albert Labs to complete a Reverse Take Over (RTO) arrangement whereby Albert Labs will gain a listing on the CSE pursuant to CSE policies & approval.

Tryp Therapeutics Announces Application to List on OTCQB
CEO Jim Kuo said, “This move allows Tryp to access a broader range of institutional & retail investors in the U.S. as we develop our drug candidates to treat fibromyalgia & eating disorders.”

Pure Extracts Submits Dealer’s Licence Application to Health Canada
Pure Extracts has submitted an application to Health Canada for a Dealer’s Licence under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) on behalf of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pure Mushrooms Corp.

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