Markets for April 1: $CMPS +7.91% $MMED +12.89% $FTRP +9.28%

Some relief to the investors in psychedelics companies this week with the stocks of Compass Pathways & MindMed growing by 7.91% & 12.89% respectively. Another big development is the addition of four securities- AGN, BETR, COOL & LOBE to the Horizons Psychedelic Stock Index ETF and the North American Psychedelics Index.

One piece of exciting news from this week for mushroom lovers comes from the Way of Will, a New Wave Holdings subsidiary. It announced that Amazon US customers will be able to purchase mushroom capsules and mushroom powder from its online store now.

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Here’s a summary of this week’s news:

Algernon Pharmaceuticals Added to the Market’s First Psychedelic Stock Index ETF
CEO of Algernon Pharmaceuticals said, “Being added to the PSYK is a reflection of the important work we have undertaken with the DMT stroke research program & will help bring a further level of awareness among a wide range of investors.”

Lobe Sciences Added to Horizons Psychedelic Stock Index ETF
CEO of Lobe Sciences said, “We are pleased to have been added to the ETF and Index and look forward to the added market exposure this will bring. We are pursuing the development of psychedelics to improve mental health and wellness.”

Tryp Therapeutics Appoints Greg McKee as Chief Executive Officer
William Garner, M.D., Executive Director said, “Greg has provided exceptional vision and leadership to Tryp since his appointment as Chairman of the Board, and he is ideally suited to lead the Company’s next phase of growth. We are fortunate to have him serve the company in this expanded capacity as Chief Executive Officer.”

New Wave Subsidiary, Way of Will Inc., Announces Plans to Expand Brand Presence on Amazon US and Canada
New Wave Holdings plans to expand Way of Will’s brand presence on the e-commerce giant, Amazon. Amazon US customers will also be able to purchase mushroom capsules and mushroom powder, which are a part of Way of Will’s new collection.

Lobe Sciences Becomes Enterprise Member of NFL Alumni Association
CEO of Lobe stated, “As an Enterprise Member of the NFL Alumni Association, we look forward to supporting their organization and working with the team and their advisors helping to identify more efficient ways of identifying players at risk of or battling various mental health challenges, traumatic brain injuries, and PTSD.”

Psyched Wellness Initiates Study on AME-1 Extract for Gut Health
Psyched Wellness, a life sciences company focused on the production and distribution of artisanal functional and psychedelic mushrooms, is pleased to announce the company has signed an additional agreement with its CRO partner, KGK Science to further study the anti-inflammatory nature of AME-1.

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