Bexson Biomedical, The Conscious Fund, Microdose & Ketamine Media Present The Ketamine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass

This groundbreaking virtual conference spotlighting ketamine therapy is on August 21st-22nd. Click here to get your tickets today for The Ketamine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass. 

The current global pandemic is gratingly exposing significant shortcomings in our current healthcare system, most notably, in the areas of mental healthcare and pain management. Ketamine, a novel NMDA receptor antagonist and common dissociative anesthetic, is showing remarkable efficacy in the treatment of these challenging conditions, most notably, intractable depression, PTSD and difficult to manage pain. In an effort to raise awareness about this radically effective therapy, Bexson Biomedical, The Conscious Fund, Microdose and Ketamine Media proudly present The Ketamine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass. This cutting edge conference offers a deep exploration of ketamine therapy at the intersection of clinical care, research and investment, featuring the world’s top researchers, clinicians, companies, advocates and experts. Discover the groundbreaking clinical potential of Ketamine and other novel NMDA antagonists through keynote presentations, expert panels, interactive discussions and collaboration. This two-day digital conference convenes leading experts to discuss the very latest science, innovations in health care and business opportunities in this rapidly growing field.


Experts Offer Deep Insight Into 3 Major Tracks Affecting Ketamine: Science, Clinical & Industry

This unique masterclass features a remarkably accomplished speaker list of world-renowned clinicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, advocates and more in the cutting-edge space that is ketamine therapy. We are expecting more than 40 leading lights from across the ketamine ecosystem to present. There are three major tracks impacting this evolving industry that will be explored in this molecular masterclass by leading experts: science, clinical and industry.


Ketamine Conference: Molecular Masterclass Science Panel

The upcoming science panel in Molecular Masterclass is bound to engage, educate and inspire you from stimulating discussions about the history of ketamine, pharmacology, the latest findings and the future of research into ketamine therapy. This impressive panel features world-recognized speakers like Dr. Jeffrey Becker, Chief Scientific Officer at Bexson Biomedical, a bold biotech company developing novel ketamine-based therapies for chronic and acute pain management. Also featured is Dr. Sandhya Prashad, the Medical Director of Houston Ketamine Therapeutics and founding member, former secretary and current president of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians. Additionally, we are proud to host Dr. Rupert McShane, a consultant psychiatrist and associate professor at Oxford who has treated over 300 patients with ketamine. Don’t miss this deep dive into the science behind ketamine and NMDA Receptor based interventions from our exciting lineup of experts at our August Ketamine Conference: Molecular Masterclass Science Panel.


Ketamine Conference: Molecular Masterclass Clinical Panel

Early research into ketamine therapy demonstrates rapid and profound clinical efficacy, far superior to current treatment modalities for a variety of challenging mental health conditions as well as difficult to manage pain. The current opioid crisis in the United States and across the globe seriously highlights the need for alternative or adjunctive therapies that are efficacious in the treatment of difficult to manage pain. Clinical research strongly supports the use of low-dose ketamine in patients with intractable pain. Equally powerful and promising is the clinical efficacy of ketamine in managing intractable depression. Combining patients with acute and chronic pain and severe depression alone represents a massive potential market for ketamine therapy and will be an important topic of discussion in this panel. This month’s Ketamine Molecular Masterclass clinical panel offers deep insights into the clinical landscape surrounding ketamine therapy, including discussions on pain, depression, psychotherapy and KAP, PTSD and addiction and risks for ketamine therapy in substance abusers. Here’s a list of just some of the notable speakers featured in this panel:

  • Dr. Nadiv Samimi, Medical Director (Pain & Healing Institute)
  • Veronika Gold, MFT (Co-Founder, Therapist, CEO, Polaris Insight Center)
  • Dr. David Feifel (Director of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, Kadima Neuropsychiatry Institute)
  • Dr. Gita Vaid (Psychiatrist & Psychoanalyst, NYC, The Ketamine Training Center)
  • Dr. Rupert McShane (Associate Professor, University of Oxford)

Make sure to attend this engaging panel discussion exploring the dynamic and nuanced clinical landscape of ketamine and NMDA antagonist therapeutics at our August Ketamine Conference.



Ketamine and other novel NMDA antagonist therapeutics are rapidly evolving to be a powerful force with major implications on the current healthcare industry, opening up unique opportunities for investors. Our Ketamine Molecular Masterclass Industry Panel in the month of August features thought-provoking talks about the new wave of ketamine clinics, various industry services and training programs, technological developments, and capital and markets. Join our industry panel of esteemed entrepreneurs, thought leaders and luminaries in this exciting, dynamic space. Here are just a few of the notable speakers we are honored to feature in this month’s conference:

  • Dr. Rachel Aidan (PhD, CEO of Synthesis Retreat, a psychedelic retreat in Amsterdam)
  • Dr. Phil Wolfson (Principal Investigator for the  MAPS sponsored Phase 2, FDA approved 18-person study of MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy for individuals with significant anxiety due to life threatening illnesses)
  • Dr. Neil Grundewald
  • Scott Shannon


Conference Dates, Times & Format

This exciting Molecular Masterclass Conference exploring ketamine and NMDA antagonist therapeutics will take place on August 21st and 22nd on the world wide web for everyone’s safe viewing pleasure. Panels and keynotes will run for 45 minutes with a 15-minute question and answer session afterwards. The conference is scheduled to begin at 17:00 (GMT)/12:00 (EST)/09:00 (PST) each day. Your login information and platform details will be emailed to you with your ticket. The entire Molecular Masterclass will be recorded and available to all ticket holders to enable attendees to make the most of their experience.


A Note About Premier Sponsor – Bexson Biomedical

This cutting-edge biotech company is developing non-opioid, ketamine-based therapies for pain management and mental health disorders. The company’s lead indication is post-operative pain, a whopping $12 billion dollar market in the US alone, and a leading driver for opioid addiction. The company’s value proposition is that home use of its BB106 low-dose ketamine therapy will be a game-changer for both chronic and acute pain. The company is forming a broad IP portfolio to secure exclusivity for therapeutic use, while also establishing a platform that could be utilized for a variety of medical conditions.


What Makes Bexson Biomedical Bold & Different?

Based on 50+ years of sound, peer-reviewed literature and clinical data illustrating ketamine’s safety and efficacy, Bexson has a dramatically de-risked pathway to approval compared to companies developing new chemical entities or psychedelics with significant use restrictions. By developing a novel therapy with established safety and clinical efficacy in pain management and mental health treatment, Bexson Biomedical is making bold strides into the future of medicine. The company was co-founded by CEO Gregg Peterson, a veteran of multiple biopharma companies with successful exits, and CSO Jeffrey Becker, MD, a globally recognized expert on the clinical use of ketamine.


The Ketamine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass is Also Brought To You By

The Conscious Fund We are one of the most active investment groups in the domain of psychedelic medicine, helping the psychedelic medicine space to grow ethically and sustainably through our work with Seed to Series A companies.

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Communications Partner

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We are also working with the industry’s most informed media platforms, including:

  • Psychedelic Finance
  • The Trip Report
  • Third Wave
  • The Wellness Agency

And many more to come…


Special VIP Tickets Featuring Exclusive Investor Briefings

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