How is Technology Changing the Psychedelic Medicine Landscape?

Perhaps one of the biggest factors impacting the modern psychedelic renaissance is the influence of cutting-edge technology in modern psychedelic science. From nanotechnology-based delivery methods to state-of-the-art psychedelic derivatives, the psychedelic medicine revolution is fraught with innovation. Between the advent of gene editing through CRISPR Cas9 technology and the huge strides made in drug design since the ’60s and ’70s, there is an enormous amount of potential at stake for a new generation of psychedelic drugs and psychedelic-assisted therapy. Here are some impactful ways modern technology is changing the face of thousand-year-old psychedelic medicine and its practical use today.

Technology Psychedelic Medicine

Social Media & Technology Can Help Facilitate Decriminalization Movements

From Measure 109 in Oregon to other psychedelic and cannabis decriminalization and legalization efforts across North America, it is clear we are on a cusp of a revolution. Technology has played a fundamentally key role in helping organize these grassroots movements and encourage peaceful assembly and, consequently, administrative action expanding the accessibility of these powerful medicines. Despite the novel Coronavirus and the need for social distancing, the team in Oregon was able to make history bypassing the first measure legally allowing for psilocybin use in a therapeutic setting. This historic landmark in the psychedelic movement was most definitely a result of coordinated efforts organized over the internet and facilitated by technological measures.

As such, this is one way that psychedelics and technology converge to make mutually beneficial progress. Another significant element is the ability of technology to enhance the psychedelic experience itself through the use of biometrics and data tracking. Such a hyper-personalized experience would be a genuine and true testament to the future of “personalized medicine”. Indeed, the future of psychedelic medicine aims to do just that.

Technology Psychedelic Medicine

Utilizing Technology to Customize and Curate Treatment, Therapy & the Psychedelic Experience

Perhaps one of the most important understandings in the field of psychedelic medicine is that each and every person is incredibly unique, with different preferences for a variety of things. From the music played during the trip to the dosage, set and setting, integration measures, and more, there is an incredible opportunity to carefully customize the best treatment and therapy protocol for each patient and their individualized needs. Especially with the advent of AI and its up-and-coming involvement in psychedelics, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to what’s possible. One company, MINDCURE, aims to use their digital offering iSTRYM to accomplish exactly this through the acquisition of biometric data before, during, and after the immersive medicine experience. Other companies, such as MagicMed Industries, are working to create a new generation of psychedelic drug derivatives that improve upon the traditional molecule to maximize therapeutic potential and minimize adverse events for the largest number of people. Visionaries like Robin Arnott and his team at Andromeda Entertainment are also up to fascinating things in the combining of psychedelia and technology.

Indeed, the future of medicine is an exciting time with much to look forward to–especially due to the revival of psychedelic science and its integration with cutting-edge technological advancements.

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Technology Psychedelic Medicine

Combining Allopathic & Plant Medicine Modalities of Treatment May Offer Unique Therapeutic Advantages

While the traditional roots of ancient plant medicine have much to teach us, new pioneers are finding novel ways of combining both advances in western medicine with the knowledge of the ancients and traditional plant medicine. For instance, in the treatment of opioid addiction, the drug ibogaine has soared in popularity. The chemical, often coming from the tabernanthe iboga bush in Western Africa, is effective at interrupting addiction pathways and eliminating acute opiate withdrawal in hours. Cutting-edge pioneers in opioid addiction treatment are now combining this plant-based detox with a naltrexone implant, preventing former opioid addicts from largely feeling the effects of opiate drugs (as well as a diminished effect from many others) following the iboga treatment. While naltrexone has been shown to be incredibly useful in opioid addiction treatment, it is difficult in western medicine to completely detox a patient before it can be administered, as this usually entails 7-10 days of pure anguish. By combining ibogaine with the implant, patients are able to detox rather comfortably (in comparison to cold turkey withdrawal) in just hours and be given the implant in as little as 24hours afterward. After this time, cravings for drugs like heroin will largely subside, giving recovering addicts a chance at self-discovery and the opportunity for the formation of new neural pathways and the dissolution of old ones preoccupied with addiction and drugs. This cutting-edge and novel methodology is currently being used with great success by a team in the Bahamas, where ibogaine is actually legal.

Technology Psychedelic Medicine

The Future of Psychedelics and the Growing Impact of Technology On the Space

As technology continues to advance and evolve across sectors such as biotechnology, neurology, and psychiatry, there is surely going to be a growing impact on the burgeoning psychedelic medicine field. Everything from advanced drug delivery methods, such as oral film strips and nasal sprays, to cutting-edge digital therapeutics that customize and curate the therapeutic process, psychedelics and technology will continue to heavily influence each other and allow for greater progress towards more efficacious medicines and therapeutic modalities.

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