From Underground LSD Chemist to Mainstream Psychedelic Medicine: PsyGen Labs Peter Van Der Heyden Opens Up at The Mushroom Conference

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Between Nick and myself we produced well over 100 million doses of LSD and we hope that in general this has helped humanity” -Peter Van der Heyden


In a stunning addition to a dynamic day at The Mushroom Conference, PsyGen Labs Chief Scientific Officer Peter Van der Heyden opens up about his relationship with famous LSD chemist Nick Sand, the creator of “Orange Sunshine”. While he is now pioneering the charge of the psychedelic renaissance in the mainstream, this groundbreaking story offered incredible insight into his underground operations. Dr. Van der Heyden was a surprise special guest on the panel with the world renowned Dennis McKenna. Together, the two had fascinating revelations to share about the underground psychedelics world that sparked a cultural revolution. 

The Extraordinary Legacy of the “Psychedelic Medicine OG’s” 

When exploring the rich and colorful history of psychedelic medicine, it’s necessary to point out the extraordinary impact of it’s pioneering forefathers. From Terrence and Dennis McKenna to the groundbreaking contributions of Shulgin, Leary and Hoffman, there are several notable pioneers that have shaped this renaissance. Much like the cannabis industry, as stigma about psychedelics diminishes, more thought leaders are willing to share their incredible stories. In a surprise guest appearance at The Mushroom Conference, Peter Van der Heyden, Chief Scientific Officer of PsyGen Labs opened up about his his underground work synthesizing LSD and his friendship with the renowned Nick Sand.

“After the big Brotherhood of Eternal Love bust in the late 60’s, Nick went underground, on the lam, in Canada in 1973. I met Nick in 1993, and we worked together until we were busted in 1996” -Peter Van der Heyden


The underground world of psychedelic drug design has truly been impacted by leaders like Nick and Peter. Hearing about the serious risks Peter was taking by creating these compounds to begin with was certainly suspenseful and made for a remarkable story. Legendary LSD chemist Nick Sand educated Peter in the synthesis of LSD. This passing down of information between clandestine chemists is similar, in many ways, to the way indigenous cultures have medicine men and shamans who pass down traditions and practices around entheogenic and medicinal plants. Indeed, Peter’s education from one of the OG’s (“original gangsters”) of psychedelic medicine has offered him the opportunity to truly be at the forefront of the psychedelic revolution.

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