Field Trip Health Opens Fourth Psychedelic-Enhanced Therapy Center in Chicago

Innovative psychedelic therapeutic company Field Trip Health Ltd (CSE: FTRP) announced today the opening of their new Chicago ketamine-assisted psychotherapy center. The world leader in the development of technologically optimized psychedelic therapies will open their new clinic in the heart of the windy city at 325 West Huron Street. This center marks their third center to open in the United States, following New York and Los Angeles, as well as a fourth in Toronto.

Their CEO, Ronan Levy, had this to say about the exciting development:

“We are excited to be introducing Field Trip to the people of the City of Chicago, and giving Chicagoans a new option in the their pursuit of mental and emotional health and well-being,” said Ronan Levy, Field Trip’s Executive Chairman. “In addition to enabling us to help people now, the opening of each new center gives us another essential tool in building the know-how, training and understanding to be able to offer therapies with psychedelics beyond ketamine, including psilocybin, MDMA and our own psychedelic in development, FT-104.”

Research Strongly Supports the Use of Psychedelics in Psychotherapy

The resurgence of psychedelic science and research has empirically revealed the incredible power of these drugs to revolutionize mental health medicine. World-class institutions including Johns Hopkins, NYU, and the Imperial College of London have produced robust data from multiple evidence-based studies demonstrating the profound therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs. The team at Field Trip is taking a systematic, multidisciplinary approach to psychedelic-assisted therapy to aid those struggling with depression and other mental illnesses.

Customizing & Personalizing Treatment Based on Individual Needs

The first step in a patient’s journey towards better mental health at a Field Trip center is receiving a custom, tailor-made treatment protocol designed for their specific needs. Field Trip’s certified clinical team of psychiatrists and medical professionals perform a comprehensive screening of each patient before treatment is commenced. Once approved, patients are escorted to a comfortable private room upon arrival and seated in a zero gravity chair. Following a short chat with a therapist, their first ketamine dose is administered by a clinician. 


The two-hour medically supervised session that follows, patients are invited to get comfortable and relax with eye masks and noise cancelling headphones. Following the session, clients explore their journeys with the help of their therapist and are invited to relax and refresh in a recovery lounge before heading back home.

Field Trip Health Chicago ketamine clinic opens psychedelic therapy

Field Trip Health is Developing Novel Digital Therapeutics for Psychedelic Therapy 


In addition to their innovative in person clinics, the Field Trip team has developed novel digital therapeutics to help facilitate caregivers and patients alike. These tools are seamlessly integrated into Field Trip’s ketamine therapy sessions facilitating guidance before, through, and after the experience with long-term capabilities to track mood, offer mindfulness tools and more. Indeed, the emerging field psychedelic medicine assisted psychotherapy stands to benefit greatly through this. integration of cutting-edge technology    

Another fascinating development by the Field Trip team is their mobile app “Trip”, which provides people with best-in-class tools and practices for undertaking consciousness expanding activities such as meditation breathwork and psychedelic therapy. In a time where the pandemic has left many feeling disconnected from resources and each other, Field Trip Health’s expansion of their digital offerings is not only useful, but necessary.

Field Trip Health Chicago ketamine clinic opens psychedelic therapy digital therapeutics

Looking Ahead for the Contemporary Team at Field Trip Health

With promising initial clinical results from the opening of their first three centers, the team at Field Trip Health is excited to bring this treatment to the people of Chicago. Designed as a quiet escape from the bustling city, Field Trip’s Chicago center is complete with a moss-covered wall designed by local artist, Stephanie Williams of Variegated Designs. The wall incorporates a strong element of nature, serenity, healing and peace to the clinical environment. As the team at Field Trip continues to establish themselves as pioneers and thought-leaders in this emerging industry, the team at Microdose is excited to follow their journey. 

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Field Trip Health Chicago ketamine clinic opens psychedelic therapy

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